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Sony HDR-CX550V 64GB High Definition Handycam Camcorder

Sony HDR-CX550V 64GB High Definition Handycam Camcorder
Sony HDR-CX550V 64GB High Definition Handycam Camcorder

Product Added : April 13th, 2013
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Sony HDR-CX550V 64GB High Definition Handycam Camcorder

Sony HDR-CX550V 64GB High Definition Handycam Camcorder

Capture stunning 1920 x 1080 high-definition video and 12 Megapixel still images with the HDR-CX550V, which employs an “Exmor R” CMOS sensor for superior low-light performance and 64GB of embedded flash memory. Optical SteadyShot image stabilization with Active Mode and 3-way Shake Canceling enables you to capture remarkably smooth video from wide angle to full telephoto shooting.

  • 1920×1080 Full HD Recording w/12MP still image
  • 64GB1 embedded Flash memory
  • 1/2.88″ 6MP back-illuminated “Exmor R” CMOS sensor
  • Optical SteadyShot image stabilization w/ Active Mode
  • Wide Angle G-Lens (26.3mm) with 10x Optical zoom

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What customers say about Sony HDR-CX550V 64GB High Definition Handycam Camcorder?

  1. 291 of 296 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Top HD Camcorders Comparison, August 17, 2010
    HD BD 5.1 “Master Audio” (Heaven, USA) –
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Sony HDR-CX550V 64GB High Definition Handycam Camcorder (Electronics)

    Customer Video Review Length:: 5:59 Mins


    The camcorder does a good job in the color department, most of the time you get Accurate & Natural colors but other times it tends to vivid the blues & reds. The same happens with the Canon HF-S21, while Panasonic HDC-TM350 & HDC-TM700 looks more natural “most of the time”.


    The touch responsiveness is simply amazing, comparing it to the Very Difficult to handle of the Canon HF-S21 and the just OK of the Panasonic family. The resolution is the best of his class by far. Also you can organize it in a very custom way; “You can use the menu items easily by registering the menu items you use most often on MY MENU. You can register 6 menus items on each MY MENUS of the MOVIE, PHOTOS and PAYBACK. That’s a total of 18 pre-determent Custom Menus.


    The HDR-CX550V has larger lens than last year’s model. The new G-Lens is capable of capturing videos at enormously wide angles, Close to 20 degrees more than Canons & JVC are capable of. It’s also a much wider angle than you’ll get from the Panasonic HDC-TM700.

    Low Light:

    In this area the clear winner is the HDC-TM350 or HDC-TM700, Sony has the Night Shot which allows to record in almost 0 LUX but you get a graining and unacceptable quality. Using the LOW LUX feature improves the image quality but some light is needed to be able to record.


    Format – Resolution – Bitrate – Codec
    HD FX – 1920 x 1080 – 24Mbps – H.264AVC (AVCHD)
    HD FH – 1920 x 1080 – 17Mbps – H.264AVC (AVCHD)
    HD HQ – 1920 x 1080 – 9Mbps – H.264AVC (AVCHD)
    HD LP – 1920 x 1080 – 5Mbps – H.264AVC (AVCHD)
    STD – 720 x 480 – 9Mbps – MPEG-2


    For some reason the SteadyShot has an impact on the zoom of the camera, when you have the SteadyShot set to Active the zoom goes up to 14X (this has been a complain for some reviewers because they have said it only goes up to 10X) but if you have the SteadyShot in Standard or OFF it does only go to 10X. Based on this, it seems like a good idea to consider that setting depending on the scene and recording conditions, example; if you are going to use the camcorder on a tripod to film landscapes, sunsets or any other scenography in which you want a wider angle it will be very helpful to turn OFF or put in Active the SteadyShot, but if the situation is the other way around, you want to record a far away object and want them to looks closer then the SteadyShot should be in Active mode even when using a tripod.

    Comparing the HDC-TM700 (12X) to the HDR-CX550 (10X) in Optical Zoom and TM700 (18X I. Zoom) vs. CX550 (14X Without been named or pointed out by anybody else). At Digital Zoom the TM700 goes up to 30X or 700X (complementing its name) while CX550 MAX is 120X, either of them display very bad and distorted images when the Digital Zoom is used.

    The Stabilization produced by the STEADYSHOT is one of the best I have ever seen, it works great in all situations while keeping very sharp image quality.


    In the still picture nobody can beat the JVC GZ-HM1 as far as quality-sharpness-colors; the Sony does a descent job just like any other camcorder in this price range. The Smile Shutter is one of the FUN features of this Camcorder, this allows to take a picture every time the cam detects someone smiling, Smile shutter can be set so that it is always on, to work during video recording only, or it can be turned off completely but unfortunately this is NOT available when recording at the MAX Quality Setting of 24Mbps HD FX Mode.

    FUN Features:

    Smooth Slow Record: A slow motion setting that records 3 seconds of footage and turns it into 12 seconds of Very Slow Video. This setting shoots at a very high Frame Rate of 240fps in order to create the slow motion effect. You have the option to select that the Camcorder record those 3 seconds after you press the START button or be recording at all time (like a Pre-Record Mode) so when you press the START button the last 3 seconds will be converted into the 12 seconds of Very Slow Video. The quality of this Smooth Slow Record is NOT quite close to HD, it may be SD quality at 16×9 aspect ratio.

    Golf Shot: Takes two quick seconds of video and divides it into frames that are recorded as a movie and photos in a 16×9 aspect ratio.

    GPS: The built-in GPS allows you to keep track of your videos & photos by the location in which they were shot. By having the GPS on, the battery life decreases by 2-3 %.


    This is a good camcorder with lots of Manuals and Fun features, very portable, with a good overall performance; it looks like a very good choice for a Family-Vacation’s Camcorder.


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  2. 140 of 145 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Don’t overlook this Sony!, March 26, 2010
    Po “pofoto” (San Francisco) –
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Sony HDR-CX550V 64GB High Definition Handycam Camcorder (Electronics)

    Okay, so I’m about to be a dad due April 12th, and while I was looking for a camcorder wide enough for the delivery room, I was struggling with the Canon VIXIA HF-S21 that is due to be released on April 15th. However, let me state the highlights of the Sony HDR-CX550V which swayed my decision why I went for the Sony to suit my own preference:

    Compact and Lightweight (something my wife wants over holding my Canon 5D2 and lenses)
    Wide Angle 26.3mm Photo
    Wide Angle 29.8 mm Video to 298mm (On the Canon it is 35mm equivalent 43.5-435mm which is longer)
    12 Mega Pixels still images
    10x Optical Zoom
    Stabilization which works really well
    Takes both SD-HC (this is great) and Sony memory sticks (I don’t use them)
    Built-in 64GB Flash memory.
    Excellent low light shooting
    Includes GPS geotagging (which I haven’t used yet, I keep it turned off for now)
    3.5″ LCD (921K)
    Dolby Digital 5.1ch recording with Built-in Zoom Mic, which I haven’t really tested to say how good the results really are, but off-the-bat the results are very acceptable.

    It is also very easy to set up and operate, not a lot of digging for menus to get it recording right! You simply either swing open the LCD or pull out the viewfinder (having one is plus for me) and it turns on and after a few second, you can hit the record button. Vice-versa to turn-off.

    Shoots in HD and records in 1080/60i and this equates to it being 24p or 30p via software when editing, this is argued extensively on forums, but the HDR-CX550V does not let you specify, which may be a good or bad thing depending on your own preferences. Having said that don’t let the 1080/60i put you off, since this is the same with all other camcorders I have seen including professional camcorders. The 24p or 30p on the Canon HF-S21 also records at 60i.

    I think ultimately making a choice on either the Sony or the Canon, you won’t be disappointed, however, to me the main highlights are that this is a very compact camcorder with excellent touch screen (this one works!) and shoots wide to long instead of normal to long, and has excellent low light results as well as support for SD-HC flash media and a wonderfully sized LCD display.

    I ended up buying the BC-TRV Travel charger and the NP-FV100 battery, although is larger than the supplied battery it is still small enough that it shouldn’t bother you when you require the extra juice for extended shooting which is about 15 hours at High-quality HD mode.

    Image results are great for such a small system, very satisfied.

    Update: April 12, 2011.
    Okay first off, apologies to all those that asked questions in the comments. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to go over each question, but here is a short feedback after a year of use towards my personal usage and preferences. I don’t shoot in extreme circumstances, such as a heavy metal rock concert or middle of a field with no lighting what-so-ever! I have shot in noisy market streets, and noisy restaurants to dimly lit rooms with no extra accessories.

    Okay, this time I was able to shoot my son’s first birthday party a couple of days ago. A month or so ago, a couple of weddings. A short trip to Asia. So here are the highlights:

    Menu continues to be simple to use.
    The camera stability feature still works extremely well hand held. Just don’t expect miracles if your hands happen to be the exact opposite!

    A whole day and evening banquet(Not continuous) for a wedding shoot, the extra battery and internal memory provided enough juice and storage needs.

    HD quality is above average at best and that’s good enough for me, now do understand this, I don’t believe any home camcorder can perform beyond much past this point to date. So do understand the satisfaction level this will provide you. Yes it is short of a prime lens mounted on a DSLR like the 5D Mark II shooting video, and is costing so much less and much easier to operate as well.

    The camera continues to be so simple to use, that you flip open the screen to turn it on, press the record button to start recording (duh!) and press again to stop, and flip close the screen to turn it off. This alone can give both me confidence and whoever I pass the camcorder to that they will do a satisfactory job (no experience needed)! With the exception, do tell them not to shoot portrait orientation :P Camcorders don’t work that way!

    Color Saturation level could be a little more vivid and the backlighting response with regards to white balancing are the only improvements I can think of for video quality. Neither of which are bad, just feels average. Physically, the size is small and lightweight. Only other thing is the top hot-shoe (I don’t own any accessories), but did try to mount a 3rd party LED light, but couldn’t, because the hot shoe is recessed…

    Read more

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  3. 93 of 97 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A camera for MAC users – the Sony HDR-CX550V, April 27, 2010
    Ryberg (California) –
    This review is from: Sony HDR-CX550V 64GB High Definition Handycam Camcorder (Electronics)

    After comparing many camcorders and recording technologies I picked this camcorder for the following reasons:

    1. I decided on flash memory because you do not have the sound of a tape drive or a hard drive and the camera is more compact. 64GB gives you hours of recording time without the need to change miniDV tapes or buying extra memory cards. Copying the highly compressed video files to a MAC or PC takes minutes for hours of video. Compare this to miniDV tapes – hour for hour.

    2. Quality low light performance is great on this model and far exceeds my old Sony HC-1.

    3. This camcorder has a wider angle lens than most camcorders which to me is more desirable. The drawback is that such a 10x lens cannot zoom in as close which is fine unless you go on a safari.

    4. The image stabilization is phenomenal. You could have a tremor and the picture is rock solid. You can walk with the camera and the picture is smooth. If you make a sudden movement you can see the picture lag and move less abruptly.

    5. The touch screen menus take some exploring. You can customize “My settings” with buttons you wish to have at your finger tips. The only wish I have would be another recording button for one handed operation when you do not use the wrist strap.

    Best accessory: the under water housing

    7. Finally, this camcorder works great with MACs. Image Capture and iMovie recognize the camcorder and you can work with these applications as usual. Final Cut Pro works equally well, but instead of Log and Capture you have to use Log and Transfer (Shift Cmd 8)

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