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Sony NEX-FS100UK Super 35mm Sensor Camcorder (With 18-200 Lens)

Sony NEX-FS100UK Super 35mm Sensor Camcorder (With 18-200 Lens)
Sony NEX-FS100UK Super 35mm Sensor Camcorder (With 18-200 Lens)

Product Added : May 17th, 2013
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Sony NEX-FS100UK Super 35mm Sensor Camcorder (With 18-200 Lens)

Sony NEX-FS100UK Super 35mm Sensor Camcorder (With 18-200 Lens)

The NEX-FS100UK Super 35mm Sensor Camcorder is Sony’s first affordable and fully professional large-sensor video camera. This compact, highly modular camera comes equipped with a stabilized 11x zoom lens while using the same S35-size CMOS sensor as the higher-end PMW-F3. Unlike smaller, broadcast-style sensors or the larger “full-frame” sensors of some DSLRs, the NEX-FS100′s imaging area matches that of standard Hollywood film cameras, providing complete compatibility with cine-style film lenses (via optional adapters) as well as any of Sony’s E-Mount lenses. The sensor’s large size offers a variety of other advantages, including increased control over depth of field, higher sensitivity in low light, lower image noise, and an exceptional dynamic range. Able to shoot full 1080p video in a range of frame rates up to 60p, the FS100 provides the option of recording 28Mbps AVCHD footage onto SD or Memory Stick media, or it can output uncompressed 4:2:2 video (with embedded timecode) and RGB

  • Memory Stick, SD/SDHC/SDXC Recording
  • 1920 x 1080p Slow & Quick Motion
  • 3.5″ XtraFine LCD Screen
  • NXCAM Recording Format (AVCHD)
  • E-Mount Interchangeable Lens System

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    Great Image Quality, Not Very User-Friendly, August 17, 2012
    Pablo Castro “Man of Surprises” (Bogotá, Colombia) –

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    This review is from: Sony NEX-FS100UK Super 35mm Sensor Camcorder (With 18-200 Lens) (Electronics)

    I’ve divided this review into 3 sections: Design, Image Quality and Pros/Cons (summary)

    Before I start, let me clarify that this is my first Super 35mm camera, and my previous camera was a Sony HVR Z5U which was stolen. I know that, while my previous Z5U was made mostly for handheld, this camera is mostly intended for use on a Tripod… and in fact I own a nice Sachtler precisely for that purpose. But I do all sorts of videos (event coverage, TV commercials, corporate, promotional studio pieces, etc) so very often I end up having to get off my tripod to get more dynamic shots. And when it comes to hand-held, this camera sucks: the handle is way off to the right side, and the camera is so wide that its center of gravity is far from your hand. The result? It takes a lot of strength to keep it level, and even after a few minutes of doing so, your hand will let you know it does NOT like what’s happening. But I knew this even before I bought it, thanks to other reviewers on BH Photo, who also warned me about the lack of a handle, servo zoom, and built-in ND filters. So I bought a shoulder brace, a variable ND filter, and practiced manual zooming a lot, and that fixes MOST of the problem. However, if you have both the side handle and a shotgun mike connected, their respective cables tend to get in the way of you grip, which is not great. And a shoulder brace restricts a lot of the movements you can make, so I’m finding myself learning to shoot again, after 10+ years in the business! Pans and tilts now have to be done with my whole body, not just my arms…
    Another design problem that bothers me is how important buttons are located UNDER the LCD screen, so if you’re using the included viewer, it is tough to, for example, make audio adjustments. Now that I mention the LCD screen, you can ‘hold’ it in a fixed position using a friction wheel, but it doesn’t seem to work perfectly, and I always forget it’s ‘locked’ so I end up trying to move it, which surely will deteriorate the mechanism over time. It is also hard to reach/see the Manual/auto focus, expanded focus, and iris dials, particularly if you’re locked into a fixed position by the shoulder brace.
    The main menu and picture profiles were very similar to my old Z5U, so for me they were extremely easy to use, although I do remember that my first time around they took a little concentration and memory. It’s nice to have access to the main menu from two spots: on top (yes, underneath the viewer) or to the side. One huge surprise: NO TIME LAPSE FUNCTION!!! There’s even an iPhone app for that, and a camera of this caliber doesn’t have it? Crazy.

    No complaints here. Obviously the huge sensor can handle much more than the kit lens can throw at it. Speaking of the kit lens, its range is great (18-200), its definition is average (not as crisp focus as my 24-105 Canon L Lens, which in turn is not as crisp as a fixed 50MM lens), autofocus is a bit on the slow side and one thing I didn’t expect: the zoom ring is pretty tough! It takes some serious practice to pull off nice steady zooms. Now, if you’re a serious videographer you will want both Prime lenses and the NEX-Prime adapter, and you won’t mind that there’s no autofocus because you’ll have some sort of focus assist. I’m planning on updating this section soon with a short video to demonstrate quality differences compared to my Canon 5D MkII, since Image Quality is such a subjective topic. I can say it has the equivalent of ISO 16000 (yes, 3 zeros) so the light sensitivity on this is spectacular.


    Image Quality (as good as the lens you use)
    Versatility (can be configured many ways)
    Logical, easy to use shortcut buttons
    two XLR inputs
    excellent sound management
    Can use SDHC cards or a special Flash drive for storage, or both simultaneously.
    Can dump your files directly to a USB device, no need to go through a computer.

    No top handle
    No Time Lapse Function
    Terrible for hand-held
    “boxy” design

    Will post updates with more details once this thing gets some heavy-duty use.

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