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Leica M9 18MP Digital Range Finder Camera (Black, Body Only)

Leica M9 18MP Digital Range Finder Camera (Black, Body Only)
Leica M9 18MP Digital Range Finder Camera (Black, Body Only)

Product Added : March 20th, 2013
Category : Digital SLR Cameras

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Leica M9 18MP Digital Range Finder Camera (Black, Body Only)

Leica M9 18MP Digital Range Finder Camera (Black, Body Only)

The world’s smallest full frame digital camera. This 18 megapixels camera continues the legacy of the Leica M rangefinder with the most modern digital technology.Digital photography enters a new dimension: the Leica M9 is the world’s first digital rangefinder camera with a full-format 24 x 36 mm sensor. As the world’s most compact full-format system camera, the M9 extends the legendary heritage of the Leica rangefinder M System and unites over 50 years of continuous technical improvements to the system with the best in cutting-edge digital technology.

  • Smallest full frame digital camera in the world; first Rangefinder camera with a 24 x 36mm format sensor
  • 18-megapixel sensor allows the full 35mm format; custom-designed CCD sensor for optimal performance
  • Newly-developed cover glass to eliminate infrared light contamination, i.e. no IR filters needed
  • Simple Menus and easy handling
  • Body only, lenses sold separately; compatible with SD cards up to 2 GB, SDHC cards up to 32 GB (not included)

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What customers say about Leica M9 18MP Digital Range Finder Camera (Black, Body Only)?

  1. 145 of 149 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Among the world’s finest ways to make photographs, November 26, 2010
    Busy Executive (Long Island, NY) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Leica M9 18MP Digital Range Finder Camera (Black, Body Only) (Electronics)

    I assume that anyone spending $10-20K for an M9 system (camera and a few lenses) will do their own homework, so I won’t insult anyone with comments about the quality of this camera or the pictures it takes. All I’ll say is that in the right hands it is capable of producing stunning images. But at the same time, it isn’t for everyone.

    I have pretty much the full Nikon pro suite, but it’s not about one brand being better than the other – both take fine photographs. There are many things my D3 can do that the M9 can’t, and vice-versa. The M9 is a different tool, useful for different situations. Whether it’s the camera for you depends on whether you encounter those M9 “sweet spot” situations often enough to make it worthwhile.

    The M9 is best when you’re working in a slow and methodical way, carefully composing, adjusting every setting, leaving nothing to chance. If you’re the type of photographer who keeps his auto-focus lenses on “manual” most of the time, rarely letting the camera make important exposure decisions, then Leica might appeal to you. You probably also use your favorite prime lens more than any zoom.

    For me, the form factor is a big part of it. The M9 isn’t all that much bigger than (say) one of the bigger point-and-shoots – but this is no point and shoot in terms of picture quality. Carrying something around my neck that’s well under half the weight and bulk of a Nikon D3 with 24-70 lens, while not sacrificing an ounce of image quality, is important to me.

    If you’re on the fence, I’d encourage you to rent one for several days to experience the Leica mystique firsthand. You’ll either fall in love, or you’ll be unimpressed and save yourself several thousand dollars.

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  2. 72 of 77 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Forward into the past — to the best digital camera there is., April 6, 2011
    Chris Marlowe (Bay Area, CA, USA) –
    This review is from: Leica M9 18MP Digital Range Finder Camera (Black, Body Only) (Electronics)

    Before you get a Leica, you have to ask yourself why. You’ll be giving up automatic focus. You’ll be giving up seeing the picture before you take it. You’ll be spending a lot of money. Look at the price here, and note that it comes with no lens. Likely, you will want a lens. It’s eye-blinkingly daft to get a camera like this and put cheap lenses on it. And heck, even the cheap lenses are going to cost more than most other cameras do. Heck, the flash gun I bought cost more than my wife’s Canon. Suck it up now, you’re going to be spending $10K and more like $15K by the time you’re done. You’re either rich, a pro, or crazy and possibly all three. I know lots of pros who sneer at the price on this.

    You’re going to have to learn how to use the camera. You won’t just take it out of the box and start shooting. It took me a couple thousand shots to decide that hey, maybe I know how to use it — and that was with a single lens. I also know I’m getting better with each few hundred pictures I take. But let’s also remind ourselves that Cartier-Bresson only ever used a 50mm lens, too. You’re going to learn what they mean by “f8 and be there.”

    So why the heck would you want this camera?

    It’s small. If you compare size and weight against any camera that would come close for sheer quality, you have it beat hands down. Your kit is smaller, your bags are lighter. Your back will thank you.

    You can get into places you can’t get into before. I’ve been to places where they have said “No DSLRs” and this isn’t an SLR. I’ve been to places where they say “no removable lens cameras” and they let me through anyway. It isn’t off-putting like a mondo DSLR with bazooka-sized lens and a boom mic that looks like it belongs under a stallion. You’re someone with an old-timey camera; it is a relic and therefore harmless.

    You can use, with very few exceptions, any lens that Leica made back to 1952. With an adapter, you can use any lens back to the 1930s, too. To be fair, you can also use these lenses on a Four Thirds camera, too, but it’s still true.

    It’s a Leica. There’s a mystique to a Leica, and yeah, after you take five thousand pictures, after you learn brightlines and framing and when to go manual, and practice, practice, practice, your shots will look like Leica shots. There’s nothing in the world that looks like a Leica shot except a Leica shot and yours will start looking like that. One of those five thousand will be good enough that your spouse will say, “You ought to enter that into a contest.” Many, many of the iconic shots of the last hundred years were shot with a Leica and that Leica look will rub off a little.

    But it isn’t the camera, it’s you. It’s the devotion. It’s because you made the commitment (which is the polite way to say cash) to having a real camera and learning not to be a poseur with it. The biggest reason *not* to get this camera is that it’s a better camera than you are photographer and that will be painfully obvious when you get it. You’re going to have to get better at being a photographer because this camera doesn’t cover for you, it laughs at you in front of you. You will get better because you have to to maintain face. You’ll become a better photographer because the alternative is for everyone to know that the best digital camera in the world is being wasted on the likes of you.

    That is what it is. It happens to be the best digital camera in the world. The only rivals to it that are non-digital are film Leicas, or really esoteric things like Hasselblads or view cameras. And let’s face it, film is dead. It’s sad that film is dead, but film is dead. One-horse shays are also dead. There is also a joy to putting a 32MB card in this thing and shooting a thousand-plus shots. No changing film every thirty-six. Wow. That’s worth kissing film goodbye right there.

    So anyway, think long and hard before buying it. If you make the plunge, like I did, and go to the trouble of learning to take pictures again, it’s a joy. It’s amazing. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me on the back side of the viewfinder. There are things that were better on the front side of the viewfinder, but no camera can do that.

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  3. 50 of 55 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Worth every penny!, May 10, 2011
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Leica M9 18MP Digital Range Finder Camera (Black, Body Only) (Electronics)

    This camera is the ultimate cure for camera-envy. You know, the disease that always makes you wonder “what if?” and “is that better than mine?” It’s not about prestige or name-recognition (the first modification I made to my M9 was to stick silver duct tape over the famous red dot and the “M9″ engraving). For me, camera envy equates to wanting the best tool available to capture moments that will never be repeated. And it’s not just about image quality or I’d be lugging around an 8×10 view camera every day (which I have done). It’s also about convenience, portability, simplicity, and the picture-taking experience.

    Enter the Leica M9.
    The pictures are good. So good. Just go ahead and check out people’s images on flickr. And then remind yourself that what you are seeing has been processed, possibly re-sized, and only you know how good your computer monitor is at color management. Let me just tell you that the images are amazing. I have owned many dSLRs over the years and you never get sharpness like this. Maybe it’s the lack of an AA filter on the sensor, maybe it’s the lenses. But it’s definitely something. Something good.

    If you’re coming from a Leica film camera, you’ll never believe how liberating it is to be able to shoot continuously for hundreds of frames before having to change out your roll (aka memory card). It’s a whole new world. I take more risks now because I don’t have to worry that I’ll run out of film. It feels just like getting my first digital camera. “Wait, you mean if I totally mess up a shot I can just delete and then shoot again?” Yes. Yes, you can. Or don’t even bother deleting because you can still take 400 more. You want to see what a shot will look like at every possible aperature setting? Just try it. It won’t cost you a penny. Anything goes. And unlike film, the MORE you shoot, the cheaper you can tell yourself photography is. Take 1000 frames and your new camera cost you $7 a shot. Take 70,000 frames and now it only cost $0.10 a shot. That’s $3.60 for 36 “exposures” – let’s see … how much does film cost again?

    If you’re coming from a dSLR you’ll love how low-profile the M9 is. When I had a Canon 5D Mark II, I had the thing not around my neck most of the time but in a bag (because it’s heavy). But then you know what it’s like, you pull out your elephant gun and while you might see a giant, red ring and think, “Oh, it’s an L lens,” other people nervously scoop up their children and duck for cover. The mirror sounds remind me of playing the arcade game Buckhunter. And also I feel ridiculous the whole day, especially as I walk by other people with their dSLRs. There’s just NO slick way to pull it off. None. With your Leica M9, you can get a beatup neck strap, stick it in an old case (or get a new case and beat it up yourself), and you look like you’re shooting with your dad’s old camera. No one runs. More often than not, people look right into my shot because they’re trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. Can’t I afford a new camera?

    One caveat. You have to know how to shoot. You can’t hide behind autofocus, programmed settings, nor even a zoom lens (I’m not counting the Tri-Elmar as a zoom ok?). You’ll have to actually stand where you need to stand to take the picture you want, you’ll have to decide what f/stop to use, and you’ll have to focus. Why can’t Leica develop autofocus? Why would you want it? Then you’d have to tell the camera which AF mode to use, scroll thru menu after menu, then check to make sure the camera did what you asked by zooming in using the LCD screen. I’d much rather just focus and go on to my next shot. I know it’s sharp because I focused it myself. And if you suck at it, you’ll be surprised at how fast you get better, especially since you can see the results right away if you want. By now I can pretty much guess the focus and have the camera ready to go by the time I bring it up to my eye. Some will say that it’s more work to shoot with a rangefinder. But you could also say that it’s easier to be in control and get the exact shot you want the first time around.

    It’s been said before but I’ll say it here too. This camera becomes an extension of you, of your eye. It’s so simple that you can really get to know exactly what it’ll do, you can trust it. The quality you get for the size and weight you’ll be carrying around is unmatched.

    In conclusion, at first glance I may look like I have the crappiest, oldest camera on the block – but rest assured, camera envy is GONE. For what I want – the M9 is the best, hands down, in every category. How often does that happen?

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