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Bose® Lifestyle® V35 Home Theater System

Bose® Lifestyle® V35 Home Theater System
Bose® Lifestyle® V35 Home Theater System

Product Added : February 11th, 2013
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Bose® Lifestyle® V35 Home Theater System

Bose® Lifestyle® V35 Home Theater System

The Bose Lifestyle V35 home entertainment system delivers vivid surround sound that brings movies and music to life. And now, it’s designed to let you enjoy the experience more easily than ever before. Engineered with exclusive Bose Unify technology, this system uses easy-to-follow onscreen messages to guide you through the setup process. It even verifies when you’ve made the correct connections. Enjoy up to 6 HD video and audio sources-such as your Blu-ray Disc player, cable box and gaming system. The system also includes an iPod/iPhone-compatible dock and built-in AM/FM tuner.

  • 5-speaker surround sound system designed for use with your home entertainment components
  • Guided setup and simplified use with easy-to-follow onscreen messages
  • 3D compatibility ensures you’ll see content as intended with 3D TVs, Blu-ray Disc players, gaming consoles and other 3D sources.
  • Includes AM/FM tuner, dock for iPod® or iPhone®, remote with LCD display
  • Includes premium Jewel Cube® speakers

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What customers say about Bose® Lifestyle® V35 Home Theater System?

  1. 220 of 249 people found the following review helpful
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    For the money you can get MUCH better sound, December 17, 2010
    W. Cruz (San Antonio, TX USA) –

    This review is from: Bose® Lifestyle® V35 Home Theater System (Electronics)

    I know everyone so far has rated this system really high because Bose is the best selling audio brand in the country but please read on and I urge you to do your own research and judge for yourself. I purchased this system, against my better judgement, a few months back due to a friend of mine raving about it. I went to my local Bose store and heard it and it sounded great in their little room. I fell for this trick once before several years ago when I purchased the original Bose 321 system and hated it. So anyway, i ended up getting the V35 system for $3k. I took it home and set it up and it did not sound anything like it did in the store. I took it back and got a new one and BAM, same thing so I called the store and they had a guy come out and “professionally install it.” The guy did a great job and was very honest about the product. After it was fully configured it sounded better but not like a $3k system should sound. The sound it put out was either very boomy or too rich so in other words it lacked midrange and true punch for movies. For example when at mid to high volume, the surround sound comming from the center channel overpowered the dialogue such as hearing to much street noize in a city sceen and not being able to hear the voice crystal clearly. We fooled with it for several hours to no avail. It either got much quiter in which the base response overpowered the audio or it got two loud where all the sound seemed to mix so where it lacked clarity. Honestly my old Onkyo 7.1 THX system I purchased for $799 sounded WAY better than the V35 Bose system that was replacing it (replacing the onkyo system because the receiver died and I wanted to go all out). After talking to the installer he told me that Bose systems always sound good in the store because the rooms they are set up in are perfectly rectangular with nothing in the way to block sound waves meaning these rooms are configured so that the sound waves will bounce of the walls perfectly. Basically, its a nice trick for a perfectly square, small room but not practical for most lived in living rooms. So I kept the system an extra week and moved it to a 14×14 bedroom and bam he was right. The system sounded much better however still lacked true midrange but overall the sound was much better but still not worth 3k in my opinion. The room which I needed a system in is a 20×22 room so it is more of a challenge for the small sounding V35. So needless to say I took it back. So once again in my opinion the sound was not good enough for that price tag however in its environment you can get a decent sound. There are however some plus’s for the V35 system… first, it is VERY easy to set up and its an all in one system which helps many people who dont care to buy seperate parts and build their own system. The speaker size made the system virtually invisible but that is also why it sounds so small. Anyway, I took the system back and had no problem getting my money back… I then did about a months worth of research/searching and for the same price built an amazing system. I can’t stress how much better it is when you put a little time and effort into doing this. I am not an audiophile but when I watch an action movie i want to be able to clearly hear the dialogue while hearing the surround effects while getting punched in the face by the subwoofer. The Bose simply didn’t do it for me. I ended up getting a mixed system which consists of a Definitive Technology CLR 2500 center, (2) BP7002′s towers, (2)Klipsch RF-42 surrounds, an Epik Empire subwoofer, 12 guage wire and banana plugs from monoprice and a Pioneer Elite SC-35 receiver. Total cost for parts… $3100. A mere $100 more than I paid for the Bose but if you factor in tax from the Bose store, my system costs less. Once again you have to shop around and look for the best price so there is the trade for a boxed home system such as bose. If you don’t shop around that same configuration I quoted will cost you around 5k but it can be had in non holiday/non football seasons for half the price. After setting up my new system I watched Pirates of the Carribean and then Blackhawk Down… when I walked out after the movies had finished I had two black eyes and was sore everywhere because the sub punched so hard but never for a minute did the Definitive technology and Klipsch speakers feel as if they were overpowered. I cant stress enough how good the Klipsch, and definitive technology speakers are. If your on the fence, jump… you wont be sorry. These speakers have great lows, mids and highs and create a room full of quality sound. The Empire sub is by far the best sub I had ever heard… it kicks so hard that it could probably power a real theaters low end. If you don’t believe me, get on AVS Forums and do some research. Anyway… if this price is too much for you I also recommend the KEF3005 speaker system (which was my second choice if I hadn’t configured my own system). I…

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  2. 44 of 47 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Impressed with the newest model, January 27, 2011
    Sincerely Yours
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

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    This review is from: Bose® Lifestyle® V35 Home Theater System (Electronics)

    After two years of research, many many visits to the local Bose store, lots of questions asked, we finally took the plunge with the latest model and enjoyed a 10% sale that was offered at the time! We were looking to replace our current home theatre system with the very large Kiplisch speakers (one of the main reasons for the search and hence was attracted to the jewel boxes) and we were looking for a replacement that was more befitting an apartment space. Addtional extra was the remote ended up operating more like a harmony, which was not what we had orginally thought (we remain a harmony-run family, with this one exception). All hooked up to the receiver include the TV, tivo, xbox, apple tv, and play station.

    We love the slim line look of the receiver and without all the huge speakers in the room, we feel we have gained back a lot of space. The receiver has inputs/outputs that really reflects the current modern day demands and entertainment devices. The speakers are amazing: the centre one offers the best sound in terms of hearing speach in any genre and we are not raising the volume to hear the talking part of a program and then having to turn down the volume when all the sound effects come into play!

    The set up takes a while, even for my husband who is a technical nerd, but that maybe because of all the additional devices we had to program the remote to learn. The sound testing system is cool and I am sure that is why we are so enjoying the surround sound effects and the clarity of the voices is beautiful. The speakers bring music to life – seriously. we played so many genre and each one just echoed with such depth that you would have thought you were in the recording studio. We were impressed with the integration of the receiver with the speakers and the sound testing that came with the set-up.

    One thing to note, we opted to have wireless back speakers which required additional hardware to be purchased. The sound quality is a tad better with the back speakers wired; but we opted for wireless and we will probably end up not noticing in the long run!

    The remote was a dream and it did take a little time to learn the language of all our devices. We thought we couldnt use the infra-red wireless headphones with it – well you can! The cord has be be jacked in the front panel of the receiver and you have to turn up the volume to hear.

    Like everyone, we were also aware of the high costs, but when you break it down, tangible and tangible benefits do out weigh the ‘cost number’. For those of you who are looking for a cleaner look and good sound quality (loves movies and many genre of music: I am trying to differentiate from those who have ears that pick up a whole lot more than the average population and are very fussy about what they listen to): this being said, it is really worth a look and a serious investigation at this latest Bose Model.

    This product was not bought on a whim and we had a lot of high demands and requirements, especially where the hamrony-like features and the wireless headphones were concerned! Seriously, we held back from buying the model earlier as we were still investigating on whether the Harmony could be trained for the Bose system: in the end we were impressed with the Bose remote!

    We have had the system for over a week now and we cant stop pinching ourselves on the recent purchase and wonder why we had waited so long.

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  3. 52 of 63 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    overall, outstanding, September 23, 2010
    Frank Webster (Dallas, TX USA) –

    This review is from: Bose® Lifestyle® V35 Home Theater System (Electronics)

    Bought this for 2 areas in the house. After much argument and debate with various neighbors, listening to the different sound systems around, pricing out individual components, etc…

    We went with the Bose V35 for several reasons:

    1. Great sound.
    2. Easy setup/use.
    3. Easy to tweak settings.
    4. Small and unobtrusive.

    In terms of the constant comments pro/con about Bose in respect to its sound quality/price point:

    My wife is a professionally trained singer, in the classical mode. We strongly felt that the Bose gives you the best recreation of the concert-hall experience. Having listened to Def Tech, Klipsch, Polk, etc… The Bose does a better job. If music is one of your purposes, especially classical, then we think you will be hard pressed to beat Bose. Music is important to us, and we have a wide range of tastes, but classical/sacred is at or near the top of the list, so this moved Bose up for us. The highs and mids are incredibly crisp and well defined. The bass sounds good as well. For classical music especially, you are going to hear more treble/midrange than chest/house thumping bass. There are other types of music that emphasize bass more, that a mega subwoofer would be better for. For pop music and some movies, we simply turn up the bass and it still sounds wonderful.

    Movies/TV sound great as well. We watched Crimson Tide (wide range of sound…) I heard sounds on it I did not realize were in the soundtrack. A vast improvement over our prior system. Star Trek and Band of Brothers sounds fantastic as well. Haven’t watched Black Hawk Down yet. but I am looking forward to it.

    As far as Price goes. It is pricey. However, my neighbor spent about 3 times what we spent on his sound, and his is still not working well. Maybe his will sound better, but it doesn’t yet. Some people like to talk about the size of their speakers. I have never felt the need for that, personally…

    We found the Bose to be priced within reason for a custom configured system. It is more expensive than the HTIB, but it sounds much better, in our opinion.

    Finally, if your goal is to have a massive system with huge speakers and bass that shakes the neighborhood, this system is not for you. In terms of crisp/clear outstanding sound, easy to use, minimal footprint in your living space, I can’t think of a better alternative.

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