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ASUS G55VW-ES71 15.6-Inch Gaming Notebook (Black)

ASUS G55VW-ES71 15.6-Inch Gaming Notebook (Black)
ASUS G55VW-ES71 15.6-Inch Gaming Notebook (Black)

Product Added : February 11th, 2013
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ASUS G55VW-ES71 15.6-Inch Gaming Notebook (Black)

ASUS G55VW-ES71 15.6-Inch Gaming Notebook (Black)

15.6-Inch; Full HD (1920*1080)/Intel Core i7-3610QM (2.3GHz)/8GB DDR3/Nvidia GTX 660M 2G GDDR5/500GB 7200RPM/DL DVD±RW/CD-RW/Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit)/802.11BGN/2.0MP Camera/Bluetooth 4.0/8 Cell Battery/Instant On/HDMI/Minidisplay Port/1YR Global Warranty/1YR Accidental Damage Protection/30-Day Zero Bright Dot/2-way FREE shipping/24-7 tech support

  • Intel Core i7 3610QM / Core i7 3610QM 2.3 GHz
  • 8 GB SO-DIMM (2 x 4 GB, with 2 open slots)
  • 500 GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive
  • 15.6-Inch Screen, Nvidia GTX 660M
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

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What customers say about ASUS G55VW-ES71 15.6-Inch Gaming Notebook (Black)?

  1. 51 of 57 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Machine, May 26, 2012
    William A. Aultman (Albany, Ga. United States) –
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: ASUS G55VW-ES71 15.6-Inch Gaming Notebook (Black) (Personal Computers)

    I just received this computer, and I have to say it’s beautiful. Before I get into the specs, let me address some things the other reviewer has said.

    Firstly, Asus’s customer support is about the same as any other computer manufacturer, if not better. There’s absolutely no way to have a bad experience with Asus, and the quality of their computers have been exceptional in my experience with them. I’ve never had a problem before, and I don’t expect for there to be one for anyone now.

    Secondly, as for the updating the internal components, there are probably guides on Youtube, and the guide is probably not included because most users won’t need it.

    Thirdly, yes, the power brick is quite large and heavy, but I don’t see a problem considering you’ll be stationary while playing, and it’s a rather long cord. It’s not as if you have to lay the power brick on your face while you play.

    But as for the Asus G55VW -
    + The Asus G55 is a sleek, gaming-powerhouse laptop engineered specifically for long hours of use while playing the most demanding games. I can throw anything at this laptop, unlike many laptops, and know that it will never run hot. With the left exhaust port, if I remember correctly, being specifically for the CPU, the fan will run independently from the right fan at whatever speed it needs. The right fan, however, being for the GPU, will cool your GPU during long hours of hard gaming.

    + When playing games, the touchpad, keyboard, and palmrest stay at about 70 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooling system does an excellent job in capturing the heat and throwing it out of the back of the computer…. quietly. The sound from the fan is measured at approximately 30 decibels, which is not even as loud as a whisper. I was very impressed with this, as most laptops with the power that this computer has run hot.

    + The ports are in ergonomic locations. The Asus G55 features four USB 3.0 ports, with two on the right near side, and two on the far left side. On the right, this laptop has both an HDMI and VGA, alongside the DC power port.

    + The keyboard, screen, and touchpad are all phenomenal. Featuring a HD display, everything looks crisp and clear… and runs smoothly. I’ve got no problem playing Skyrim on Ultra, or TOR on the maximum settings.

    The above is just from my personal experience with the computer, but if you want to know more, I’d direct you here.
    Product Showcase Asus G55VW – Unboxing & Benchmarks (by GenTechPC)

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  2. 18 of 18 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A Beast in Beautiful Armor, June 4, 2012
    H. Lam (Alameda, CA USA) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: ASUS G55VW-ES71 15.6-Inch Gaming Notebook (Black) (Personal Computers)

    I just received my laptop on 6/1 (ordered 5/30) and here is my review after a few days of tinkering. For those of you that do not wish to read through the entire review, here is a summary ~


    - Beautifully sleek
    - Back-lit keyboard with adjustable brightness settings
    - Condensed full-size keyboard
    - Soft and comfortable palm rest
    - Extremely fast 3rd generation Core i7 quad core processor
    - Four USB 3.0 ports instead of just one
    - Insanely quiet fans
    - Comfortably cool in all situations


    - Extremely large power brick
    - VIA drivers for sub-woofer
    - Cloning


    The ASUS G55VW-ES71 far exceeds expectations when it comes to gaming or any other heavy processing activities, and it performs all of its duties while encased in one of the most beautiful laptop shells ever designed. The keyboard is laid out in a Chiclet style with each button as its own “island,” and ASUS managed a 10-key number pad on the right hand side. The lighting behind the keyboard is adjustable, making it the perfect the brightness for anyone. The palm rest is layered with a soft mat material resulting in a comfortable gaming and typing experience.

    The incorporated processor is blazing fast. Intel’s new quad-core processor with eight threads lives up to expectations with a Windows Experience Index of 7.6 (out of a possible 7.9). Memory on this beast of a machine scores at a 7.8, and the graphics chugs up a more than respectable score of 7.3. This machine is only bottlenecked by the hard drive score of 5.9 (the only one out of all the categories that does not score a 7 or higher). Not to fret, with a little bit of dedicated time, replacing the factory hard drive with a shiny Solid State Drive (SSD) is quite a breeze, boosting this category’s score to the max of 7.9. This of course means that the lowest score for this machine would be the GTX 660M’s score of 7.3, but there should not be a soul who would be mad about the graphic card’s performance when comparing to other similar machines.

    ASUS took no expense in giving their users the best of the best. Keeping in consistency with the machine’s speed, ASUS decided to load this rig with four total USB 3.0 slots. No more finding or struggling to look for more USB 3.0 inputs for your external hard drives because the manufacturer only decided to upgrade one of the four USB inputs to the 3.0 generation, now you can plug it into any of the USB slots and you will experience the glory of USB 3.0 speeds. The cable gets in the way for the USB slot in the back? Plug it in on the side! The user experience gets better. Usually gaming units such as the G55VW will need increased airflow to keep all its parts running cooler and lasting longer. This usually meant that the fan would have to run incredibly fast and loud. ASUS took the liberty to design a machine that runs comfortably cool and indescribably quiet! Whether you’re on your bed instant messaging and gaming or you’re at your desk, well, instant messaging and gaming, you will be able to relax without the noticing your laptop blazing on your leg and you will not be disturbing anyone else in the vicinity with what sounds like a giant portable fan that other gamers are lugging around.

    As with all products, there are some drawbacks. For this particular machine, the power brick is quite sizeable. It is heavy enough to break a toe and large enough to make an uncomfortable bulge in just about any laptop storage bag. However, the power brick does come with two Velcro ties to sort both cables. This machine comes with a sub-woofer. YES! A sub-woofer! 2.1 channels! Sounds like an exciting feature, right? Unfortunately this is not the case because VIA’s drivers are not performing as expected. Instead of using the sub-woofer to compliment the sound that flows out of the laptop, it actually plays every single sound its two speaker buddies are playing. It does not provide the bass that we all would love to enjoy, just awkwardly (and most horribly) acts as a third speaker that would output voice as you would think any sub-woofer would. Luckily, the sub-woofer can be disabled through the volume properties of the ASUS speakers.

    Finally, although above I said that it would be a “breeze” to swap out the underperforming hard drive for a lighting fast SSD, it also contributes to one of the few low points of this laptop. This is because cloning this hard drive one-to-one is very much impossible with any of the freeware (and some paid software like Acronis) available online. I will not get into too much detail and just say that it is due to the fact that the hard drive is formatted under GUID Partition Table (GPT), and most cloning software does not know how to handle this. As of now I have not found any software that is able to handle GPT and would greatly appreciate the knowledge of one in the comments. The…

    Read more

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  3. 14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Awesome Machine, August 27, 2012
    Sameer Tapryal (Honolulu, Hawaii) –
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: ASUS G55VW-ES71 15.6-Inch Gaming Notebook (Black) (Personal Computers)

    I was thrown off by negative reviewers when I was looking to buy.
    With technology as it is now, a solid state drive is kind of an essential now. It gives you huge bang for your buck. True this machine doesnt come stock with one but it has room to install one easily and its engineered so its super easy to put one in.
    The risks of buying a custom laptop is that your stuck with it indefinitely , in most circumstances. I’m an amazon prime member, so I get free shipping on all my orders, and amazon is awesome about returns – so there isnt really any ‘risk’ in buying. So in the other gaming laptops in the 1500-2500 $ price range, that are NOT custom (MSI, alienware, Sager etc)(because in buying those, there IS risk involved – and if you get a dead pixel in your screen, or some faulty part, your looking at weeks to months of repair time, and shipping charges etc) , the options are Asus G55 or G75, or Samsung series 7 gamer or toshiba qosmio.
    the series 7 and qosmio dont have slots for an SSD which as i said , in my opinion is a must have component. that being aside the only difference then is just small differences in the internal components ie 12 gb vs 16 gb ram, 660m vs 670m , things which make difference on paper but not really in the performance of the computer. I chose the g55 because 8gb of ram is way more than enough, 660 is arguably a better card than 670 and 675m because of how it can be overclocked, and further the actual performance is so close you’ll never notice it anyway. now the difference between 660m vs 7970 or the 680 is huge.. so thats a different thing , but then your looking at a “purely gaming laptop” and thats kind of a losing proposition anyway. you can hand build a better desktop for 900$ for gaming and it will outperform a 2200$ gaming laptop. so.. good to keep that all in mind. so the g55 works best for me compared to all the above models because it retains some portability, the screen is big enough, and if i want a bigger screen, i can plug it into an HDTV. the g75 is awesome too but a lot of the features, for 700$ price increase may not be worth it.. namely the 670m, and the SSD and double the ram. you can buy and install your own SSD for 120$.. and double of 8gbram is useless, so the upgrade from 660m to 670 is not worth the price increase in my opinion.

    im listing this all out because when i was deciding what to buy, i had almost nothing to go on. I think others looking at this laptop will be having the same questions I had, so i hope this helps. the g55 was definitely right for me. its an incredible machine, performs awesome, looks awesome. my only gripe is that to increase the volume , you need to push FUNCTION key and then F12 . which is retarded because the FN key is on the bottom left of the keybaord, and F12 is top right. its not easy to push both with 1 hand. so I hope you dont ever eat food while you watch movies on your computer LOL or your going to have a dirty keyboard. that is a seriously retarded oversight.
    other than that , asus all the way – and amazon rocks – you always have 30 days to change your mind.

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