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Sharp LC-70LE735U 70-inch Internet Ready LED TV

Sharp LC-70LE735U 70-inch Internet Ready LED TV
Sharp LC-70LE735U 70-inch Internet Ready LED TV

Product Added : May 15th, 2013
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Sharp LC-70LE735U 70-inch Internet Ready LED TV

Sharp LC-70LE735U 70-inch Internet Ready LED TV

With the introduction of the 70″ Class (69.5″ Diagonal) LC-70LE735U, Sharp once again reinforces its leadership in LCD and 3D LED technology. Sharp’s proprietary quad pixel technology adds a fourth color, yellow, to the traditional RGB pixel format, enabling many colors to be displayed for the first time. Featuring more colors than any other television, see never-before-seen colors like sparkling golds, Caribbean blues and sunflower yellows. On the LC-70LE735U, this technology is enhanced further with Quad Pixel Plus, which produces smoother lines by enabling the individual control of all 8-million sub-pixels on the screen. The proprietary AQUOS 3D LED system comprised of the X-Gen LCD panel and UltraBrilliant LED backlight enables an incredible dynamic contrast ratio of 6,000,000:1 for excellent picture quality. AquoMotion 240 virtually eliminates blur and motion artifacts in fast-moving video. The LC-70LE735U features Smart TV, including the addition of Vudu apps, Netflix streaming v

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  1. 94 of 95 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    My Sharp LC70LE735U Experience, November 23, 2011
    This review is from: Sharp LC-70LE735U 70-inch Internet Ready LED TV (Electronics)

    Hello everyone,

    My current TV, up until last week, had been the 65″ Mitsubishi High Definition Rear Projection TV, model # WS-65813 Diamond Series. It was Mitsubishi’s top of the line TV at the time and arguably one of the best performing HDTV’s in 2004, #when I purchased it new#, and it is still working like new today. I’m one of those people who didn’t need a new TV, but wanted a new, slim TV so I spent the past few months researching which one to buy. After spending countless hours on forums and reading endless reviews on different models and after viewing many of the contenders in person, I chose the Sharp Aquos LC-70LE735U and am so glad that I did.

    I ordered the TV and am happy to report that it arrived in perfect condition six days ago without so much as a mark on the box it came in. I don’t know if it is because I am getting older or not, but I must say the TV felt heavier than the 99 pounds it is listed at.

    Anyway, on the same day that I ordered the TV I had measured the height from the floor in my living room to where my face is located while sitting on the couch. I then used that measurement to calculate how high of a stand I would need so that my face would be perfectly centered in the screen of this TV during normal viewing. Based on those measurements I purchased a cabinet that stood exactly 17″ high. When I put the TV on top it, using the stand that came with the TV, it lined up perfectly for my seated viewing position on the couch, with my eyes being dead center to the height of the screen. From the TV screen to my face is 10 feet and for me it seems like a perfect distance for both regular & 3D viewing of a TV of this size.

    Moving on to the calibration of this new TV. The TV worked great right out of the box, but I know that a properly calibrated TV gives a superior picture. Because of this I researched all of the available calibration DVD’s that were available for self calibration of a TV.. I am aware that this is not as good as paying professional to do it, but for my purpose, it will suffice since my viewing preferences may not exactly match that of a hired calibrator. I decided to go with the new Disney WOW Calibration Disc in Blu-Ray. It is in stock & very reasonably priced at several online retailers. Anyway I spent several hours with this disc and am so glad that I bought it. I can’t say enough good things about it. It was easy to use and had a lot of powerful tools on it to assist in making your TV the best that it can be when doing the calibration yourself.

    After I was all finished with the calibration I sat back & viewed the fruits of my labor while watching the “Experience” part of the Disney WOW Calibration Disc. For those of you who don’t know, the Experience” part of the disc is a series of clips from different Disney movies that will really show off the picture details & colors of your new set. All I can say of OMG….I couldn’t believe how fantastic this TV looked! I am so glad that I bought it over the other TV brands available. I would have liked to have posted some still shots that I took of a few of the clips off the TV, but unfortunately there is no utility on Sharp’s website to do that for a review.

    The next thing I tried out was the 3D capabilities. With a TV of this caliber & price point I would expect to have at least two pairs of 3D glasses included, but sadly, none are so I bought 4 of the Sharp AN-3DG20-B glasses separately. They are lightweight and fit well over my prescription glasses. Since I don’t own any 3D movies I used the On Demand feature of my Comcast Service and watched some of their free 3D content. All I can say again is OMG. The 3D is outstanding! I was blown away and so were a few friends who came over to check out the new TV.

    Is this TV perfect….no. If you look for faults you will eventually find some very minor ones on certain content, but this is true of all TV’s. In my humble opinion is about as close to perfect as you can get with today’s technology at this price point.

    Shortly before posting this review, I watched several network shows including Dancing With the Stars & X-Factor on Comcast Cable. I have to say that I was just blown away by the sharpness, color depth, details & black levels displayed by this TV. It was in a word….AWESOME !

    Maybe I’m just lucky & got an exceptionally good set I don’t know, but I am one VERY HAPPY Sharp Aquos LC-70LE735U owner !

    Tom from New Jersey

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  2. 39 of 39 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Even Better than Plasmas!, November 29, 2011
    Hip Hop Dude “Jeff” (San Diego, CA USA) –
    This review is from: Sharp LC-70LE735U 70-inch Internet Ready LED TV (Electronics)

    I purchased a Sharp 70LE734u a few months ago for my bedroom, and have been so impressed by it that I decided to “upgrade” my 63″ Samsung Plasma (PN63C8000) to a new Sharp 70LE735u. I decided to go with the 735u because it offers 3D capability, and I’ve heard from a few Magnolia salespeople that manufacturers put their best processors into their 3D sets. The picture is amazing on both of my Sharp 70 incher’s, but I think I give a slight edge to the 735u for a picture that “pops” right out of the box.

    What can I say, these sets are enormous, with big bright colorful pictures to match! I think the “Quattron” 4th color (adds yellow to the pixels) really is worth it, I’ve never seen such bright, vibrant colors. And according to their Energy Star labels, only cost about $22/year to run. The only negative thing I can think of to say is that now I find it very difficult to tear myself away from the tv screen. I doubt I’ll go to any concerts or sporting events anytime soon, as watching them on these sets is actually better than being there, in my opinion! Compared to my Samsung plasma, the Sharp’s picture is bigger, brighter, more colorful, and more lifelike to me. From someone who’s owned about 15+ plasmas in his life, my advice is to buy the largest screen that will fit and that you can afford. For those lucky enough to be able to own one of these Sharp’s, enjoy!

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  3. 38 of 39 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Disappointing at First but Great TV After Some Calibration., December 31, 2011
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Sharp LC-70LE735U 70-inch Internet Ready LED TV (Electronics)

    Being a technology professional, My expectation on this television was quite high from the moment I saw it in Best Buy. I did a good amount of research for about 2 weeks. Read every reviews about this television in online stores, watched every You Tube Video’s about Sharp Products in the same line spoke to sales associates in two major stores.

    One thing I could not understand why people gave this TV a 5 start rating. In my opinion in this world of evolving technology there are very few products that deserves a 5 start. Oh well, after 10 days I can say that this TV deserves a 4+ ratings in my opinion.

    Watching Blue Ray DVD in Best Buy was quite satisfactory in this TV but my concern was much more about quality of HD channels from my Cable box.

    Oh well, finally ordered and received this TV about 10 days ago from Amazon. Saved about $500 as Best Buy would not match Amazon Price.

    Initial experience of this TV was not as pleasing as I thought would be. I was almost wanted to call the Amazon vendor and return this TV, but decided to start playing with picture calibration settings.

    Took about two days to adjust these settings to close to perfect.

    Within a day after calibration, I realized why this TV is rated 5 in most reviews. The pictures are amazing. HD video from Cable Box looks amazing and Blue Ray DVD’s are just flawless.

    I am giving this TV a 4 Start cause, I did notice few minor issue. In my honest opinion TV this size and caliber should not have few of these issues.

    Here the pros and cons of this TV as per my 10days of experience.


    - Nice Size, Perfect for a room size of 15-20 foot.
    - Amazing picture when configured properly.
    - Lots of Applications including Netflix, Youtube, Pandora, VUDU, Blockbuster, Picasa.
    - Wireless internet is flawless.
    - Plays DLNA content very well, no lag at all.
    - Easy to use Remote.
    - Good 3D quality (Only Tried 3D demos so far)
    - 2D to 3D conversation works well.


    - Sound is not as good as it should be for TV this size and caliber.
    - No 3D glasses, had to buy extra glasses.
    - Took good amount of time to calibrate, colors, hue, sharpness.
    - I am not sure if this TV is true 240hz. Aqua motion seems Sharps own interpretation of 240hz.
    - Did notice some pixilation in first few days.
    - Heavy about 100LB.

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