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Sony Bravia KDL-40S2000 40-Inch Flat Panel LCD HDTV

Sony Bravia KDL-40S2000 40-Inch Flat Panel LCD HDTV
Sony Bravia KDL-40S2000 40-Inch Flat Panel LCD HDTV

Product Added : January 12th, 2013
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Sony Bravia KDL-40S2000 40-Inch Flat Panel LCD HDTV

Sony Bravia KDL-40S2000 40-Inch Flat Panel LCD HDTV

BRAVIA S-Series Digital LCD TelevisionThe sleekly styled, silver 40-inch Sony Bravia KDL40S2000 is packed with the latest high-performance video features, including a wide viewing angle, blazing fast 8ms response time (great for sports and action movies), and a wide color gamut backlight that provides more natural skin tones and highly accurate overall color reproduction. It also offers integrated HDTV capabilities (with an integrated ATSC tuner), digital HDMI video connectivity, and a bottom speaker design that helps save space. The thin profile of this Bravia TV accommodates VESA compliant mounting systems (separately available). The removable pedestal swivels 30 degrees left and right and also tilts forward 3 degrees and backward 8 degrees for additional placement flexibility. With clean lines and styling, Bravia TVs look great in any room, either on a stand or mounted on the wall. Like other TVs in the Bravia line, the KDL40S2000 uses Sony’s Wide Color Cold Compact Fluo

  • High-performance 40-inch LCD TV with integrated HDTV tuner; measures 39 x 28.25 x 13.25 inches (WxHxD) with included stand
  • Wide color gamut produces deeper reds, more vivid greens, and cleaner blues; 3D digital comb filter; Cinemotion 3:2 pulldown
  • 1366 x 768-pixel resolution, super-fast 8ms response time, 1300:1 contrast ratio
  • Connections: 3 composite A/V (1 side), 2 S-Video (1 side), 2 component (Y/Pb/Pr), 1 HDMI, 1 RF
  • Two stereo speakers, 10 watts apiece (20 watts total); Dolby Digital decoding and SRS TruSurround XT virtual surround

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What customers say about Sony Bravia KDL-40S2000 40-Inch Flat Panel LCD HDTV?

  1. 220 of 221 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    If you have not bought this yet, read on …, September 4, 2006
    Just the Facts (New England USA) –
    This review is from: Sony Bravia KDL-40S2000 40-Inch Flat Panel LCD HDTV (Electronics)

    Ok, I admit it took me several visits to Costco, Best Buy and Circuit City before I decided to part ways with $2-3K for a flat screen HDTV. After viewing a myriad of brands I have never heard of before, I decided that the Sony Bravia and the Sharp Aquos were in the top of the LCDs. Not surprisingly, so were their prices.

    Both the Sony Bravia and the Sharp Aquos displayed bright whites and dark blacks better than most other LCDs. They also had sharper pictures and more natural colors compared to their cheaper competitors. The only other brand I was impressed with was Panasonic. But it was a plasma and I wanted an LCD.

    After reading some reviews here, I was convinced that buying a large flat screen was better done by going to Costco rather than online. You can see what you are buying before you actually buy it. And, Costco has a liberal return policy. Since prices of LCD flat screen TVs are predicted to continue dropping, you might want to get some of your money back. Within one week of my buying an LCD TV from Costco, the same model dropped by $300 and I got it back from Costco without fighting for it!

    I bought this Sony Bravia – S series 40 inch ($1,999) AND the Sharp Aquos 45 inch ($2,499) LCD from Costco. In my opinion, the 40 inch Sony Bravia produces a high contrast and extremely sharp picture. It is very, very good. However, the Sharp Aquos provides a noticeable overall better viewing experience. In a way, the picture looks softer, more natural and lifelike. I think, in the end, what you will find better will be a matter of personal preference. In my opinion, if you like amazing sharpness, get the Sony. If you prefer overall balance, get the Sharp. You will be happy with either, so don’t lose sleep about it.

    Here are a few more tips:

    1.) Don’t buy based reading the specs or reviews alone. Go to a store and actually watch the TV. Insist that at a component (Y, Pr, Pb) or HDMI cable from an HD source be connected to the TV before you make a comparison.
    2.) Make sure you get an HD cable box from your cable TV provider or else your investment may not be worth much. Ordinary, non-HD channels may actually look worse on HD sets.
    3.) You don’t have to blow a hundred bucks or more for HD cables. Go to Walmart, and buy your HDMI or DVI to HDMI cable (Philips brand) for about $23. I found that using the DVI-HDMI cable to hook up the cable box to the TV gave better results compared to using component cables.
    4.) Fine tune or calibrate your HDTV. You can use the THX Optimizer that is included with Toy Story or The Incredibles with your DVD player.
    5.) Finally, once you have experienced High Definition you probably will be unhappy with Standard TV. That means, you’ll be replacing your other old TVs. That’s how I ended up with both this Sony Bravia and the Sharp Aquos. Unfortunately, I’m not done yet. The rest of will be smaller 37 or 32 inch Sharp Aquos.
    6.) The Sony Bravia S series has only one HDMI input. You may want to eventually have 2, one for the cable box and the other for an High Def DVD. This may not be a show stopper given that you will probably buy a home theater system that can take several HDMI inputs. However, the Bravia has a set of component inputs on the side. So, if you mount it on the wall, you can still easily connect video equipment without figuring out how to get to the back.
    7.) If you watch more broadcast tv than dvds, don’t worry about 720p, 1080i (this TV’s capability) versus 1080p. At the moment, I am not aware of any broadcast channel doing 1080p. Also, it’s too early to determine if Blue-ray will win over HD DVD so committing to a high def DVD system may not be very smart. Save your money until there is a definite winner.


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  2. 351 of 361 people found the following review helpful
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Buy It From a Store – Great Image But Questionable Reliability, June 8, 2006
    S. Yun (Reston, VA United States) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Sony Bravia KDL-40S2000 40-Inch Flat Panel LCD HDTV (Electronics)

    I did a lot of research before I purchased this TV. It was the right combination of performance and design so when the price dropped on Amazon I did not hesititate to order it.

    Once it arrived, I basked in it’s warm comforting glow as I threw broadcast content, dvd’s and games it’s way. It handled everything with grace and elegance as the beauty of it’s screen seemed unfallible.

    But alas, this lasted only for ONE DAY. . . .

    Less than 24 hours of taking delivery of the TV, it broke. You turn on the TV, the screen shows up for 2 seconds and then it powers down on it’s own. The standby light flickers on and off, with the TV unable to be revived. Apparently there is something wrong with the power management board which I discovered after doing some research on AV forums and other owners. Sony seems to be aware of the problem as well since it’s documented in their manual but doesn’t feel the need to do anything about it.

    The joy I had felt just one day before, quickly left my body and turned to scorn. I called Amazon first to see what my options were. Wouldn’t you know it, I had none on a TV over 27″; no returns, no exchanges. So I talked with Sony. . . .

    They offered to fix it, but wouldnt’ send me a new replacement unless it was deemed unrepairable. If a replacement was sent, it wasn’t even guaranteed to be new. A refurb is more than possible. Wonderful. So with no other recourse, I sent it to be repaired.

    The repair place that was assigned has not been confidence inspiring even though they are an authorized service provider. When they came to my house, they told me the repair would take one week. Now they say two. Next week it’ll be a month, who knows.

    Anyways, I share my story as a public service to my fellow shoppers. This is what you should learn from my misfortune:

    1. You can’t return this TV or any other TV 27″ and up from Amazon.

    2. Buy from a brick and mortar store so you can return it if you want.

    3. This TV has a known issue with the board on some units, get an extended warranty and save yourself some grief.

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  3. 54 of 54 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    THE best HDTV for the money, period!, September 25, 2006
    This review is from: Sony Bravia KDL-40S2000 40-Inch Flat Panel LCD HDTV (Electronics)

    Like many others, I did all of the research and parked myself in the TV showrooms of Best Buy, Circuit City, Sound Advice, etc. and I can tell you without a doubt, that this 40″ Sony Bravia had the best picture and sound quality of them all. Even beat out the 37″ Sharp Acquos!

    First of all, I am convinced that LCD is the way to go over plasma. My friend just bought a Samsung 42″ plasma, and although the salesman told him that they corrected the burn-in problems with the newer generations, he can clearly see the ghost images of the 4:3 pillar bars when watching a 16:9 broadcast. He also told me that his TV gave off quite a large amount of heat. Those 2 aspects alone were enough to persuade me to go LCD. LCDs use less energy, burn-in is impossible, they are immune to glare (especially helpful if your room has a lot of southern exposure), and are much less delicate when handling. If you even lean a plasma TV too far to one side, your TV may be cooked!

    Are there any flaws to LCD? Well I did notice a slightly less vibrant color palette than a plasma, and they say that the blacks are not as true as a plasma, but NOT if you get the Sony Bravia. The 1300:1 contrast ratio brings out the clearest details with the black levels like any plasma I’ve seen. The color reproductions are also flawless. Some LCDs have limited viewing angles, but this Sony has almost no angle distortion for 180 degrees off center.

    I have it hooked up to a DirecTV HD receiver via HDMI and the resolution, color, contrast, and sound are excellent. I have heard that the screen goes blank when switching between HD and standard def channels if you use HDMI. That, my friends, is a known flaw with most cable set top boxes, NOT this TV! It switches perfectly fine with DirecTV receivers. I have a Sony “upconverting” DVD player and it’s hooked up via companent cable, and movies have never looked better!

    That brings me to my ONLY flaw of this TV. ONLY 1 HDMI INPUT!!!! WHY??!! I cannot fully utilize the upconverter of my DVD player without the HDMI connection, but it is a very miniscule negative. Component cable is still HD and produces very palapable images. I have my digital audio hooked up through an ONKYO stereo receiver. I highly recommend either digital optical or digital coaxial cable for sound, if possible. These receivers have come way down in price so I think it’s worth the extra couple of hundred bucks for premium 5.1 Dolby and/or DTS surround sound. It will truly complete your home theater.

    Anyway, I hope I’m coming across loud and clear when I say that this is simply the one HDTV to get. I would not go larger than 40″ on an LCD. The 46″ had some definite pixalization and I agree with another reviewer that the extra large screen technology for LCDs is not quite there yet.

    Bottom line, I’ve only purchased Sony TVs for the past 20 years, and they have yet to give me a reason to do otherwise.

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