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Sony KDL50EX645 50-Inch 1080p 120HZ Internet Slim LED HDTV (Black)

Sony KDL50EX645 50-Inch 1080p 120HZ Internet Slim LED HDTV (Black)
Sony KDL50EX645 50-Inch 1080p 120HZ Internet Slim LED HDTV (Black)

Product Added : April 24th, 2013
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Sony KDL50EX645 50-Inch 1080p 120HZ Internet Slim LED HDTV (Black)

Sony KDL50EX645 50-Inch 1080p 120HZ Internet Slim LED HDTV (Black)

Enter a world of dazzling picture quality and unlimited entertainment. This elegantly slim
LED TV boasts Full HD 1080p for incredible detail and Edge LED backlighting for boosted
contrast. Internet connectivity is at your fingertips, so you can watch YouTube clips and
access online HD movies, music and more.2   Full HD 1080p. Lifelike motion. Clearly different. With a higher in-home resolution than any other source, the crystal-clear image of Full HD 1080p is truly a site to see. Connect to HD sources such as a Blu-ray Disc Player to achieve a truly incredible entertainment experience. Watch sports like never before. The Motionflow XR 240 technology minimizes judder and helps recreate the movement of real life directly on screen, so viewing at home feels like you are watching from the stands. Capture fine detail and textures not found on other televisions. With the Clear Resolution Enhancer, experien

  • Brilliant Full HD 1080p picture quality
  • Lifelike movement with Motionflow XR 240
  • Crisp detail & contrast w/ Clear Resolution Enhancer

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What customers say about Sony KDL50EX645 50-Inch 1080p 120HZ Internet Slim LED HDTV (Black)?

  1. 160 of 172 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The very best HD 1080p LED TV Picture available at any price!, September 29, 2012
    R. Goldhammer (Bakersfield, CA, US) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    I just purchased this TV here on AMAZON a few days ago for $859.00 with free super saver shipping
    without using the Amazon Prime 2 day shipping.(I never subscribed to it)
    This TV was purchased Monday 6pm and it arrived Wednesday morning before noon VIA UPS.(Wow)

    As far as the picture quality of this TV set it cannot be beat regardless of the price.

    I have been shopping for a 46 inch LED TV for about a month at local retail stores only
    to find that basically the main or only differences between this TV and that of the
    higher priced makes and models of other 46 inch TV’s has very little or nothing to do
    with the overall actual picture quality but has a lot more to do with the amount of
    additional features and options these smart tv’s have and are available on the higher
    priced makes and models of the same size.

    The picture quality on this HD TV is so life like and so sharp and clear that I can
    clearly see even the smallest details like a person’s eyelashes, eyebrows and even
    the eyeballs.

    The internal audio output quality using the built-in speakers is what I would call average,
    so if you are the type of person who wants theater quality audio you will need to
    use an external audio amplifier and external speakers.

    All the internet features and options work excellent and really look professional
    just like you would see on your home computer’a monitor.
    The only drawback with the internet is that you will need to find a compatible
    wireless USB keyboard to use unless the remote’s up/down/left/right buttons are
    good enough for you while surfing the web.

    The built-in Wi-Fi is so super easy to setup that it’s almost automatic.

    This TV has so many settings and adjustments for the picture that even if you are
    very particular and a perfectionist you will have more than enough controls to get
    the exact picture you want.

    The “picture & picture” feature is really excellent, to use it you will need a secondary
    video source like the RF 75 ohm output of your cable box or a TV antenna so that both
    the TV’s built-in tuner and the cable box’s tuner are both connected to the TV.

    Even without an HD cable or satellite box this TV has fantastic digital picture quality
    and it receives many OTA (over the air) HD channels using an antenna, cable box or Tivo.

    The only fault I see in this TV set is when I connect an external USB hard drive or a
    USB flash-drive which contains lots of videos and or movies.

    The TV plays basically all the video formats like DIVX/AVI/MPG and all other formats
    really well but the user interface when using this feature leaves a lot to be desired.

    It is an all black screen with tiny file and folder icons which have no graphics or text
    so you cannot see the titles/names of the movies or videos contained on the USB hard
    drive or the USB Flash drive.

    It looks like the media player feature in this TV is something which is not fully
    finished yet but something which needs to be worked on and finished by Sony with a
    firmware or software upgrade.

    Perhaps one of these days Sony will have a newer firmware or software version so
    after upgrading the built-in media player it will have all the missing/lacking features.

    I have a Western Digital USB TV Live media player which I use for my movies and it works
    and looks excellent and it has all the missing features which this TV’s built-in media
    player is is lacking.

    Another good choice for an external usb media player is the Sony SMP-N100 media player.

    The remote control which comes with this TV is really excellent unless you have
    additional components attached to the TV set. If so, you will need to buy an all
    in one type remote. (preferably a Logitech Harmony One).

    All in all I gave this TV 5 Stars due to it’s truly amazing picture quality and all
    the excellent features and options it has.

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  2. 77 of 83 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Easy set up very clear picture in HD, September 26, 2012
    M. Wall (USA) –

    This review is from: Sony KDL50EX645 50-Inch 1080p 120HZ Internet Slim LED HDTV (Black) (Electronics)

    Not sure why anyone wouldn’t give this a 5 star rating. So easy to use and set up, crystal clear picture if you are watching anything HD. This isn’t even for sale yet here on Amazon but I bought this at a local dealer yesterday and it is perfect. Apps work great. We have amazon prime and i am watching a movie as I type. We got the 50in and could not be happier.
    I shopped for a long time and here is why I got the Sony.

    #1 It supports amazon instant video. (Many brands do not even if they are wi-fi enabled.)
    #2 The Sales man said Sony has the best picture Quality (Samsung is 2nd but they don’t support Amazon video service.) From the show room Sony looked the best.
    #3 Size 50 inch is perfect not too big or small.
    #4 1080p 240hz. The higher these #s the better the picture.
    #5 simple, no 3-d or extras we would never use. Keeping the price affordable.

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  3. 25 of 26 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Picture and Features, No TV Channel Guide, December 23, 2012
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    Introduction: We’ve had a Sony Trinitron SDTV for many years, using a HDTV tuner converter box since the switch to HD broadcasting. I have been waiting for an LED-backlit TV with at least a true 120Hz refresh rate to come down to a decent price. On this past Black Friday weekend I tried the Samsung UN46ES6100 and this Sony KDL46EX645, which were both priced at $799. Below are my thoughts on these two TVs.

    Picture Quality: After having the Samsung TV and trying to tweak the picture settings to make it look just right, then still not being satisfied by the clarity, when I connected the Sony TV I was impressed at first sight. The sharpness of the Sony is much better, and the color balancing doesn’t take much if any tweaking at all to make scenes look good. The Samsung had several white blotches in the middle are of the screen, which could’ve just been a defect in the model I got. (Best Buy sold it to me as “new” but it was obviously an “open box” item.) The Sony has some light “ghosting” in the corners, which is not a defect but is just the way it is for this edge-lit LED TV. This is somewhat distracting in dark scenes, but can be minimized by adjusting the backlight level.

    Motion Flow: I tested several fast-moving movie scenes on my Sony BDP-S390 on both TVs without any “motion flow” enabled. The Sony was much smoother on these scenes and decoded the scenes with less pixelation. With “motion flow” enabled, I found that the Samsung was not very good at “guessing” the fill frames, making the scenes much worse. On the Sony, the “guessing” was better but I don’t like the “soap opera” feel that it creates so I leave it off except for sporting events. The Sony TV has a separate “CineMotion” option for movies, I have left that on although I haven’t been able to tell a difference with it on or off.

    Smart TV: Sony’s PlayStation experience has helped them in this area I think. The Sony Entertainment Network is quick and easy to navigate with a well-designed layout, and the TV is responsive and not bogged down when accessing it (although there is a short delay immediately after turning on the TV before you can access it). The Samsung equivalent was clunky and not designed well at all. The Sony TV also has “Internet Apps” powered by Yahoo that provides quick access to widgets like weather, stocks, and sports scores which I find very convenient. There is a decent Samsung equivalent for this, but you have to go through their Smart Hub to access it which interrupts TV viewing. On the Sony it is just one button away and shows up along the button of the screen.

    Menus and Remote Control: This is another area in which Sony showed their professional side and superior design. On the Samsung, the menu system was childish and basic. On the Sony it is clean-cut, extensive and easy to navigate. The remote is easy enough to use, and with the Bravia Sync menu we can control the Sony BD player using the TV remote. The TV sends the controls through the HDMI cable. Switching back to TV control does require pressing a few buttons, and accessing some of the deeper BD player controls requires accessing a menu system, but it is convenient to have control on one remote.

    TV Guide: We pickup OTA TV channels so we don’t have a TV guide on a cable box. On the Samsung there was a very nice TV guide that showed us upcoming show schedules. The Sony doesn’t have this feature, which is disappointing but not a deal breaker.

    Conclusion: The Sony has a better picture engine and the “smart TV” features are better. The overall impression I got when comparing the two models is that the Sony was made by professionals and the Samsung was made by amateurs. We’ve always owned Sony equipment so maybe I am just biased, or maybe they just make really good equipment. I realize that there are various price-levels and technologies for TVs, and the more expensive plasma TVs have the best picture quality. This 46″ EX645 was worth the wait for us to buy an LED HDTV.

    Star Rating: I think this is a great TV overall. I’m giving it 4 stars, taking off a star for the light “ghosting” in the corners and the lack of the TV guide. I think Sony could’ve easy included the TV guide, which even our old converter box had, but didn’t for some reason.

    P.S. Sony makes great TVs and home entertainment equipment, Apple makes great computers and smartphones. Canon make great DSLR cameras. Samsung makes all these things and more, but in my experience none of them are that great.

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