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Haier LE32D2320 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED HDTV (Black)

Haier LE32D2320 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED HDTV (Black)
Haier LE32D2320 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED HDTV (Black)

Product Added : February 23rd, 2013
Category : LED TV

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Haier LE32D2320 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED HDTV (Black)

Haier LE32D2320 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED HDTV (Black)

Technical information screen size 32″:technical information aspect ratio 16:9:video digital tuner atsc:video analog tuner ntsc:video video signal standard hdtv:video standard refresh rate 60 Hz: video scan format 720p:interfaces/ports hdmi yes: interfaces/ports number of hdmi ports 3:interfaces/ports usb yes: interfaces/ports component video yes: interfaces/ports digital audio output yes: interfaces/ports headphone yes: interfaces/ports vga yes: physical characteristics height 17.8″:physical characteristics width 29.4″:physical characteristics depth 1.8″:physical characteristics weight (approximate) 18.10 lb:general information manufacturer Haier America: general information manufacturer part number le32d2320:general information manufacturer website address Haier America: general information brand name Haier: general information product model le32d2320:general information product name le32d2320 led-lcd TV: general information product type led-lcd TV: technical information screen size 3

  • Screen Size-32;Video-Video Signal Standard-HDTV; Interfaces/Ports-Number of HDMI Ports-3;Interfaces/Ports-Headphone-Yes; Physical Characteristics-Depth-1.8
  • Aspect Ratio-16:9;Video-Standard Refresh Rate-60 Hz; Interfaces/Ports-USB-Yes; Interfaces/Ports-VGA-Yes; Physical Characteristics-Weight (Approximate)-18.10 lb
  • Video-Digital Tuner-ATSC; Video-Scan Format-720p;Interfaces/Ports-Component Video-Yes; Physical Characteristics-Height-17.8
  • Video-Analog Tuner-NTSC; Interfaces/Ports-HDMI-Yes; Interfaces/Ports-Digital Audio Output-Yes; Physical Characteristics-Width-29.4

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What customers say about Haier LE32D2320 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED HDTV (Black)?

  1. 18 of 19 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    High Quality Product, October 22, 2012
    eCommerce guy (Wild Wild West) –
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    Like many shoppers I was not familiar with the Haier brand. In my quest to fit the largest TV possible into my entertainment center I found that there are only a few 37″ or 39″ TV’s. I tried a Best Buy Samsung 1st and found the picture to be horrible. That surprised me. The contrast was blow out and hyper saturated while the skin tones were never natural looking. Even with a tremendous amount of user defined picture settings it never looked “right”. The speakers were even worse (no audio out to add better speakers!). So back it went. I ordered an Element no name from Costco next and it wouldn’t even fire out of the box. Back it went. The 2 high end LG’s and Panasonics that would fit my cabinet are unobtainable….seems like a conspiracy now. I stumbled upon the Haier, did some research, found almost no information other than it is some kind of US product and supposedly of a higher end nature. I popped. And was pleasantly surprised.
    This slim bezel 39″ comes in at 35.15″ wide on the outside. VERY slim. The 1st thing I noticed was the weight. Its heavier than the other 2 TV’s. Maybe 6 lbs greater. Besides the increased heft pulling it out of its box I noticed that the plastic didn’t flex and feel squishy like the others. Its very sturdy. None of that Fischer Price toy like quality that almost all consumer electronics now have. Once fired up I found the picture to have the missing qualities I was looking for. The contrast is excellent but not all blocked up meaning blown out highlights and no shadow details. The overall color on the mid setting is a tad cool. I like this and it appears natural. Skin tones look proper. Action is fare for a 60 Hz refresh. Not much crawling but there is a tad. As far as user adjustabiltiy, it does not have what the Samsung had…not even close…you get contrast, sharpness, cool/mid/warm, tint, brightness and some auto adjustment options like bright room, energy saver etc. The thing is, I like the picture and am not looking for additional controls…so who needs em. They didn’t help with the Samsung!
    The speakers like all flat screens kinda suck but they suck less than the others. You have bass and tremble along with stereo, surround, mono and some auto options like sound leveling (works well to kill those screaming commercials!). The sound is tolerable but I will be looking for a sound bar.
    Ports, we’ll start with the sound as many TV’s don’t offer audio out ports. The Haier has 2, 1 digital coax and an analog headphone jack. This is nice! You get 4 HDMI, 1 Component RGB set plus 1 red and 1 white analog audio in to complete the RGB input (like an old DVD player that will need audio with the RGB). If you want, you can use one of the RGB ports to use as a yellow analog video port in and then use the R/w audio for like a game controller. I would prefer one of each. There are also 1 USB, 1 PC analog video in and 1 PC audio in (digital? maybe SPDIF?). The TV also has physical control buttons but I cannot use them in the entertainment cabinet. The user manual is acceptable…it lacks the comical no name Chinese brand miss spellings and jacked grammar.
    The remote is simple and well laid out. Of good quality construction and ergos. I was able to find a universal remote code online to use my direct TV sat remote with this TV. Haier will tell you none exist..they are WRONG!
    OK, I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. The only deductions were for crappy speakers, not having both composite and component in ports and limited picture controls (not that it needs them). Plus a nitpick here; when adjusting picture settings, the menu covers most of the screen..unlike the Samsung where the chosen adjustment drops down to a left/right slider near the bottom of the pic allowing you to view your changes on the fly. So with the Haier you find yourself exiting the menu to view your changes and jumping back in to make further adjustments….kinda lame for a “higher end” TV.

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  2. 5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great TV, November 14, 2012
    This review is from: Haier LE32D2320 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED HDTV (Black) (Electronics)

    I bought this TV last year on Black Friday and it has performed with no problems. I use this as the master bedroom TV and have no complaints whatsoever. I was able to find the DirecTv remote code on another site (sorry I forgot which one) but haven’t had to reprogram remote so that’s good. I have it mounted above my computer desk and when on the net and look up at the screen their is no distortion like with other TV’s when viewing from the sides (or in my case from below). I would recommend buying this TV.

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  3. 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Haier is Chinese for bad customer service!, January 16, 2013
    Michael Mcdonald (Mexico) –

    This review is from: Haier LE32D2320 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED HDTV (Black) (Electronics)

    Bought a HAIER TV in 2011- and the the component input never worked. Lived with that for a while then decided to use the “Warranty” (Warranty is Chinese for “Yeah right– sucker!!!”) Sept. 2012.

    The repair center (repair center is Chinese for “fake storefront that is never open”) was closed when I tried to take the TV in during business hours. They told me they would come pick up the tv twice and neglected to at all over 5 weeks (We haven’t had anyone in that neighbourhood they said…). I had to re-register my repair twice and still no show. So I called Haier again who arranged for a replacement. 3 weeks later I’m told that they are out of that TV and I can wait till they make some new ones or, just get a full refund. I opted for the refund because in the meantime, this TV completely quit working.

    It is now January 16th and no sign of a cheque. I’ve been told 3 times that it will be there soon- they only cut checks once / month so it can take up to 35 days to receive it. They have had to re-order the check to be cut twice because of “oversight”.

    This product is Garbage and their warranty is useless.

    It is not worth it to try it out- Google HAIER WARRANTY issues and see that it is their company policy to lie, deceive and attempt to wear down their customers legitimate warranty claims in order to avoid the responsibility (a word which has no equivalent modern chinese translation, apparantly…)

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