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LG Infinia 47LW6500 47-Inch Cinema 3D 1080p 240 Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Smart TV and Four Pairs of 3D Glasses

LG Infinia 47LW6500 47-Inch Cinema 3D 1080p 240 Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Smart TV and Four Pairs of 3D Glasses
LG Infinia 47LW6500 47-Inch Cinema 3D 1080p 240 Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Smart TV and Four Pairs of 3D Glasses

Product Added : May 7th, 2013
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LG Infinia 47LW6500 47-Inch Cinema 3D 1080p 240 Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Smart TV and Four Pairs of 3D Glasses

LG Infinia 47LW6500 47-Inch Cinema 3D 1080p 240 Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Smart TV and Four Pairs of 3D Glasses

If you enjoy the depth, realism and entertainment of 3D at the theater, you’ll love having it at home with LG Cinema 3D on the LW6500 TV. And it’s not just 3D. It’s crisp 3D on a brilliant LED Plus display. On top of that, it’s locked and loaded with virtually limitless entertainment capabilities of LG Smart TV. Staying in has never looked better. This is what home entertainment is all about. POWER: ENERGY STAR Qualified – yes, Voltage, Hz – 100V ~ 220V, 50/60Hz, Consumption (Max.) – 165W, Consumption (Average) – 121W

3D Technology Checklist This product is 3D-related. To help you get a great 3D experience, use the checklist below to ensure you have everything you need. 3D viewing requires: A Display
First, you’ll need a 3D-ready display–whether it’s a 3D HDTV, 3D projector, or 3D computer monitor. These displays have more processing power than standard 2D models for displaying 3D images in rapid succession. A Source
Your display may be ready for 3D pl

  • LG’s Cinema 3D technology delivers flicker free, wide angle viewing through use of lightweight, inexpensive, battery free glasses (included: four pairs of glasses).
  • Smart TV allows you to access limitless content, thousands of movies, downloadable apps, videos and the best of the web all organized in a simple to use interface.
  • Enjoy your favorite 2D movies and shows in immersive 3D with LG’s 2D to 3D conversion feature.
  • LG’s LED Plus backlight technology provides even greater control of brightness through local dimming that delivers better contrast.
  • TruMotion 240Hz technology lets you see sports, video games and high-speed action with virtually no motion blur. Full HD 1080p gives it superior picture quality over standard HDTV.

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What customers say about LG Infinia 47LW6500 47-Inch Cinema 3D 1080p 240 Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Smart TV and Four Pairs of 3D Glasses?

  1. 146 of 157 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Absolutely fantastic for 3d and movies. Be a little cautious with gaming., October 13, 2011
    Ral K.
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: LG Infinia 47LW6500 47-Inch Cinema 3D 1080p 240 Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Smart TV and Four Pairs of 3D Glasses (Electronics)

    Summary: Great value for a 3D LED set. Passive 3D is much more impressive than I initially thought it would be. Input lag a deterrent for timing-strict gaming.

    Bought this TV because of its glowing reviews and it did deliver, as expected.

    Picture Quality: Above Average -> Great. It’s on par with Sharp’s and Vizio’s best models. Edge LED lighting leaves a little bit to be desired in terms of artifacts and black/white levels, but I’d be surprised if its noticed by the average viewer. It’s does light and colors really well. Local dimming and tru-motion makes movie and TV watching an absolute blast.

    Sound: This TV surprising packs some wallop behind its audio. Definitely not surround sound material, but on par with basic soundbars. I was impressed to say the least — quite possibly one of the best out-of-the-box audio for thin LED TV’s.

    Passive 3d: The bonafide specialty of this set. LG does not lie when they say they do the best 3d around — it really is exceptional, even with just using its 2d-3d feature. This can make even Netflix streaming pop out of your screen. And did I mention it can make YouTube videos look absolutely phenomenal? If you’re after 3d, I doubt you can get much better than this set for the cost in the foreseeable future.

    Gaming: It’s fatal flaw. Keep in mind it does have a game mode, and if you turn every feature off, you can get between 20-50ms input lag. While this is acceptable, perhaps even barely noticeable for most casual games such as RPG’s, Adventures, etc, it borders between tolerable and annoying for fighting and FPS games where player input timing is more strict. Sadly, I’m the latter type of gaming fan. LG continually patches their TV’s though, so if it can get closer to 5ms I’ll be perfectly content — I’ll even update this review. But for right now, it leaves much to be desired. The lag is not enough that warrants a return.. at least yet.

    Features: Perhaps one of the more feature-rich TV’s out there. It comes with the usual suspects like Netflix, Hulu, social media but it also introduces LG apps — an appstore for your TV. It’s kinda gimmicky at the moment, but I can see this being the trend for future TV’s. It also has its own self-calibration tool, which is a nice free way to correctly calibrate your TV. Expert picture modes allow you to have access to even MORE picture options, right down to modifying individual color levels. Too bad there’s only two expert picture slots though.

    Usability/Other items: As feature-rich as this TV is, I hate how it does not have a QWERTY remote control. It makes it extremely hard to search on YouTube or type status messages on Twitter. Moreover, the magic motion controller is a slight help at best, terribly useless at worst — it’s hard to aim the cursor on the right inputs if the buttons are too close together to begin with anyway. The options the TV gives you far outweighs this negative though. Getting 4 free glasses makes this a true out-of-the-box 3DTV too.

    Final Score: 3.5/5, rounded down to 3. I would gladly give up some of this TV’s features to reduce input lag further, but the TV itself performs very well. If you’re in the market for 3d, you really cannot go wrong with this set — I firmly believe passive 3d will be the trend for future 3d sets. Otherwise, it performs the same/on par with sets in the same price range.

    I’ll be stress-testing out the TV for the remainder of my 30 day return period, and will update this review with any news.

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  2. 125 of 135 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    It’s a nice set, May 20, 2011
    Chris Holmes (Mount Juliet, Tennessee, US) –
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    I bought this set about a week ago and I’ve ran it through the ringer to test out everything. So far I’m pretty impressed.

    The drawbacks aren’t very many and they’re not too much of a game-changer. One, there are no audio outputs from the tv other than an optical output. If you have a legacy sound system that doesn’t have an optical input, it’s not the end of the world. For an extra ~$25 or so you can get a stereo adapter that transfers the optical signal to coax or composite RCA analog. $100 to get yourself one that’ll do dolby surround (which I had to do). It was a bit off-putting, and I was tempted to just get a new home theater system, but it was necessary for me to get (and save a couple hundred more dollars) who has a ton of extra gaming and video devices that I use. It’s easier to just run an audio out from the television to the home theater system and plug everything into the tv to not have to mess with too many settings. I think you’ll find audio output sparsity with most newer sets anyway. Digital age is taking over, I suppose.

    The 2D to 3D features on this set are, well, hilarious. I have to commend the programmers who designed this set as I’m sure trying to write code to fit every visual situation will have a few coding hiccups, and over all it is a great feature. With very well-defined images, i.e. a strong foreground, a background, a middle ground subject, the forcing of the 3d image from a 2d image works amazingly. It doesn’t bring anything towards you, mind, but will definitely push the backgrounds back for a pretty believable and often stunning picture. But, there are times when the image on the screen gets kind of confused and makes an approximation. This happens particularly often with women’s shirts with words on them. The face will seem to come forward too far, the neck will be pushed back, the chest… well, let’s just use the word I used earlier: hilarious. Slightly exaggerated, yes perhaps, but makes you wonder if the people designing feature did it on purpose? Speculation, probably not true…dirty, dirty coders. It’s something I noticed, and others may not, but I think it’s worth mentioning. 90% positive on this feature of the set, I’ll give it.

    Navigation on the set is a little weird if you want to get through the menus. It’s designed more for the magic remote (the apps, too) I’ve found, which is pretty much just like using a Wii remote if you’re familiar with that. A traditionalist like myself tried using the regular remote which took a while trying to weed through the often clumped-together features. Plus, I’m all for the progress of technology and all, but calling 240hz TruMotion, or whatever they call it, would be easier to figure out for the laymen in the long run if you put an explanation bubble popup upon hovering over an item in the menus. Also, by not listing the 240hz feature leads to a bit more confusion as the settings on the frame refresh sensitivity go from 1 to 10. They assumed people don’t know what a hertz is, I suppose. Figuring out trumotions 1 to 10, I had to guess what I was messing with on screen.

    Turning off the 240hz feature might be desirable, too, if you are annoyed at fine letters “crawling” on your screen. There was a feature in there that turned down an edge-refining in the picture which would’ve solved that problem, I think. I found it once, but I have yet to find it again. Another menu issue.

    If you’re an avid gamer, like myself, you’re going to want to turn off all the nice little features that come along with this set. There is about 1/5 of a second lag on the image with doodads engaged. Halo looked pretty awesome with the forced 3D and Trumotion turned on, but that 1/5 of a second is the difference between a headshot and betrayal(s). It was a very unfortunate game I played that day.

    I got a chance to look at the previous model (55LW5500) to test the passive 3D features of the old with the features on this one(55LW6500). There was talk that they would improve the 3D resolution somehow as with passive 3d you’re essentially taking a 1080 pixel image down to 540 for each eye. I read talk about improvements to this feature, and I think (comparing a couple days apart) the 3D image is improved. I wouldn’t know how they improved it as from what I can tell, the polarizing film on the screen I would have thought was set in stone, and maybe some of my own psychological want for the system to be better is creeping into the review, but I think it’s been improved. It’s hard to tell without having an active shutter 3D system in front of me with the older and newer models, but I’m pleased with the image. If you want the 3D image without the hassle of the active shutter glasses (which I did), I think this is your set.

    The picture is great, the colors are great, LED backlighting works well, lightweight set easy to mount on a wall, picture wizard gives…

    Read more

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  3. 118 of 128 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    LG did a great job on 3d with this tv.. 47LW6500, May 4, 2011
    Paul m.
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: LG Infinia 47LW6500 47-Inch Cinema 3D 1080p 240 Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Smart TV and Four Pairs of 3D Glasses (Electronics)

    I give this tv a 4 star rating.
    I’m one of the people who don’t like the active shutter glasses. primarily because I wear glasses already and adding a heavy second pair bothered me. My cousin purchases the sony 3d tv with active shutter glasses and I can say first hand that after watching 2/3 of avatar 3d I had a splitting headache. this pretty well told me active shutter wasn’t for me. I blamed the headache on the weight of the glasses more then the shutter. however I can’t prove that. what I can say is that after reviewing the differences in 3d I decided that passive 3d was for me. my reason for this is that I was able to watch 3d avatar at the theater without getting a headache so I thought since it was the same technology it should work. well it’s been 3 day since i’ve had the lg passive 3d tv and after watching avatar, despicable me, and tangled I can say NO headaches!!!!!! I can also tell you the 3d quality may be equal to theater real3d but doesn’t have the sharpness of active shutter 3d. I know I gave up quality for no headaches or eye strain. But i’m ok with that as I think the quality of passive 3d is of more value to me then having to wear heavy 3d glasses. There is also a large bonus of being able to bring home the 3d glasses from hoyts and reagal theaters to have spares.
    what I didn’t expect:
    in the past I have owned sharp, samsung, sony and now an LG tv. in all previous cases I always used my bose theater system for sound as I’m sure everyone can contest tv’s suck for sound. there isn’t any depth or quality and usually they sound like talking into a can.
    with LG I was seriously surprised. the sound quality was far better than my samsung 40 led tv. is it as good as the bose system? Heck no! but it did justify putting the bose upstairs in my bedroom with the samsung led and leaving the LG tv solo downstairs for the kids. :) that’s a double bonus
    thanks LG I got an unexpected upgrade to my nighttime tv.
    quality picture of 2d:
    The quality is almost equal to samsung and sony at the same size. if I where rating sony or samsung I would rate them a 5 star for quality and LG comes in at 4.75. almost as good but not quite. it’s not that I see lines or pixilations or shadowing.
    so my 4 star rating is because I took 1 point off for the uselss documentation they send and the lack of programable remotes without having to deal with going to the lg site and finding the key codes for it. then I gave them .25 for the sound quality. which by the way I would take off .25 from samsung and sony.
    Big negative for those with boses older aquistic system the lg doesn’t have a audio out port so you can’t use bose aquistic with it. this didn’t affect me but I know friends who own the system and wanted to give everyone fair warning. you can ofcourse use optic out as always. For the fun of it I had one friend bring over his bose system to try useing through the headset out port, it definately isn’t recommended. Bad sound and bad quality plus you have to manage both remotes all the time.

    anyway this was my review, as an owner of LG I’ll see with this model if I ever buy another.


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