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VIZIO M3D651SV 65-inch 1080P 240Hz Razor LED Smart 3D HDTV

VIZIO M3D651SV 65-inch 1080P 240Hz Razor LED Smart 3D HDTV
VIZIO M3D651SV 65-inch 1080P 240Hz Razor LED Smart 3D HDTV

Product Added : March 1st, 2013
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VIZIO M3D651SV 65-inch 1080P 240Hz Razor LED Smart 3D HDTV

VIZIO M3D651SV 65-inch 1080P 240Hz Razor LED Smart 3D HDTV

240Hz refresh rate for stunning, blur-free detail

  • Four battery-free, lightweight 3D glasses included
  • Smart remote with full keyboard
  • TV without stand (Width x Height x Depth): 60.85” x 40.88” x 16.1”, TV with stand (Width x Height x Depth): 60.85” x 38.46” x 2.25”
  • SRS Studio Sound HD for crisp, clear audio
  • 1 million to 1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio for deeper blacks

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What customers say about VIZIO M3D651SV 65-inch 1080P 240Hz Razor LED Smart 3D HDTV?

  1. 113 of 113 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Value, Great Picture with some Caveats., October 20, 2012
    This review is from: VIZIO M3D651SV 65-inch 1080P 240Hz Razor LED Smart 3D HDTV (Electronics)

    The VIZIO M3D651SV is a pretty slick TV all-in-all. However, its not going to be perfect for every person in every application. For instance, some of its potentially beneficial features can be rather annoying under some circumstances much like the proverbial double-edged sword. Let’s get some of these issues out of the way first.

    The TV’s Glossy Screen:

    It’s not semi-gloss as some literature states, it’s a very high gloss reflective surface. This makes for a smooth, colorful and uniform image. If you see this TV next to another (without a similarly glossy screen) this one will instantly look more attractive and vivid. However, if your home has many windows in your primary viewing area and you watch TV in the daytime, you will likely find the reflection is quite distracting. In bright rooms one can easily stare at the screen and see everything behind them- useful to evade creeping ninja’s or stalking predators but not great for seeing the beautiful images displayed by the TV.

    Synthetic 240 Hz and Video Games:

    A salesmen at a store might say “Hey this TV is great for gaming because it’s 240Hz!”. The salesman would be only partially correct. Firstly, if you plug this TV in and watch a blu-ray movie you will be stunned by the gorgeous smooth motion picture. However, if you fire up your gaming system and start playing you will likely notice a lag in your controls or difficulty aiming in First Person Shooters. This is actually due to the processing that is occurring to give the TV the “effective 240hz”. This occurs because the TV does not have true 240hz refresh rate, that 240hz stat is achieved by pulsing the backlighting to fill extra image frames( a technique into which I won’t delve too deeply in this review). However, it looks great for movies and even fast-action sporting events, just not so great for gaming. Therefore, you must turn that feature off by setting the TV to “Gaming” mode, essentially halting the advanced processing. Once that is done, gaming is perfectly enjoyable.


    This TV offers a stunning picture to cost ratio and in my opinion is certainly one of the best values in its class. Colors look vivid yet accurate, not over-blown or unrealistic. Black levels are also very impressive for this type of TV and aid in creating fantastic contrast. The passive 3D works quite well,and as a bonus does not require you to purchase expensive powered glasses; instead cheap movie theater glasses will work great. I did not notice problematic crosstalk in my limited 3D viewing, but I will update this review if such things come to light.

    All in All, this TV is one of my favorite things to review, that is, a great bang for the buck.

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  2. 22 of 22 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Very Glossy – Great TV – Great Value, November 3, 2012
    T. Buechler (IN United States) –

    This review is from: VIZIO M3D651SV 65-inch 1080P 240Hz Razor LED Smart 3D HDTV (Electronics)

    I did not purchase the item through Amazon, it was not in stock, rather I bought it at a local Walmart.

    PREFACE: I INITIALLY HAD A DAMAGED SET: I will start this by saying that my set was damaged from the factory. Although it had a perfectly intact box when pulled out the back side was buckled slightly on both side causing the screen to bend slightly backwards. I contacted Vizio and they had me return it to the store for an exchange. I did that and the replacement set was fine in construction.

    My first concern with this set is how glossy it would be. I have a very light living room with lots of windows and lamps. This thing is a mirror, you could shave in it. It’s as glossy as any plasma set you see in stores. We adapted to this by moving it to a wall between two windows which keeps the reflections in check in our situation.

    I am very impressed with the set. I was surprised by the effect the 240hz scaling does to shows, but I don’t necessarily dislike it. The set is bright enough in my pretty bright room. It is sharp and colorful as I could want. There is a bit of blurring on a thrown football or baseball, but very briefly and I think that is just a flaw with the 240, which I think I could turn off in the settings. But all other motion, and I watch a lot of sports, is very smooth and looks great.

    I do think the glossy screen really helps with the blacks and colors, this thing is vivid but in a good way IMHO.

    The kids have liked the 3D very much, it seems pretty similar to me to what we have seen in theaters. The theater Real3D glasses work very well with the set. We had 10 people watching 3D at a recent gathering.

    We have not used the apps much, we have a GoogleTV box that we use for that. The remote is fine. The speakers are passable but with a set this thin you just can’t expect much quality from the sound. I did log into the Amazon Instant Video and it worked fine, the Netflix app worked as good as on any of other external boxes and the Rhapsody app was a little better than the GoogleTV one.

    ISSUES: The only real screen issue I see is on a very dark black screen you can see some grey smokey areas in the middle (seen easiest on the boot up screen with the V logo) and on very fast motion like a baseball field about you can see a few darker lines top to bottom, it doesn’t distort the color, but these are very subtle. I used to sell TV’s, I have a very critical eye and on a bright color screen the picture seems very even.

    The one other quirk is that after turning it on the set won’t accept remote control presses for several minutes, no volume up/down etc. It’s odd and something I hope can be fixed in a firmware update or maybe was caused by my set being bent. It does this on universal remotes and the vizio remote. Both sets I had do this, the one I returned and the replacement.

    All in all I am very happy with this set. If you have a darkened room or one with good light control I think you will be very satisfied with the set. It’s a great mix of features and extra large size at this price point!

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  3. 17 of 19 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Impressed, too glossy, 3D gaming not possible coz of severe input lag, November 11, 2012
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: VIZIO M3D651SV 65-inch 1080P 240Hz Razor LED Smart 3D HDTV (Electronics)


    I returned the older model 55″ version of this TV (vizio m3d550kd) for the 65″. The 55″ was just too small for my sitting room and I returned it using the amazon 30 day return policy. Im very glad I upgraded to the 65″. As an aside, amazons TV return process seems to be very haphazard and irritating for the customer. Will update when the return has been fully processed.

    Update: Amazon handled the return ok, I was fully refunded minus a $60 return shipping fee. They also refunded me $250 because the price was reduced after I made the purchase. Quite happy with the overall situation.


    The TV is very big, its heavy, it has a rounded base, its quite slim. The back is metal. The picture is excellent, much better than the m3d550kd. Crystal clear, and the screen is much more uniform in terms of lighting. Light bleed from the edges of the screen is un-noticeable compared to the m3d550kd which had a few bad spots. In fact I considered returning the m3d550kd for this problem alone, the top right hand corner had a slight bend causing a bad case of light bleed which was always noticeable even in lit up scenes! Have not noticed any pixel issues. I watched a blue ray movie on the TV, the picture was very impressive, even in dark scenes.

    The screen is very glossy, you could almost use it as a mirror. It makes the TV look beautiful but is annoying when the sun shines into the room and causes a reflection.
    This TV loses one half star due to this over glossiness, sometimes the tv is unusable due to this problem. However a curtain will sort it.

    I use my TV primarily for playing PS3 and the odd movie. For gaming there is no input lag when you turn game mode on and disable all of the advanced picture settings. I play cod on the TV and its amazing. The size of the screen really improves the experience.

    There is no 3.5 audio out. Its gone. Analog audio out requires a dual rca cable.

    The remote is very nice. It feels solid, the buttons are responsive. Regular remote on one side, keyboard on the other. The only oddity is that the battery cover is almost impossible to get off!! Dunno what the hell they were thinking with that design. It sucks. But overall a nice remote. The remote is not bluetooth, its regular infrared.

    I tried the 3D with blackops zombies. Very cool!! But the input lag caused by the 3D processing makes the game kinda suck/unplayable. Do not have any 3D movies yet. Will update, but from the zombies experience im expecting 3D movies to be a lot of fun!! 4 pairs of pretty cool looking and comfortable 3D glasses, vizio logo printed on the frame.

    Update: Played 3D Blackops2 zombies. It looks utterly amazing in 3D but the input lag is an issue.
    Update: Watched prometheus in 3D. Amazing picture quality!! Really cool experience!

    This TV has bad input lag with 3D games, it loses another half star for this. YOU CANNOT HAVE BOTH THE 3D AND GAME MODE FEATURES TURNED ON AT THE SAME TIME USING THIS TV! THIS SUCKSSSS! 3D GAMING IS NOT POSSIBLE!!

    Audio is pretty good, small sound bar on the front of the tv! But you really want surround sound with this TV imo.

    The internet apps are pretty good, run faster than the m3d550kd. Glitchy here and there. I use the youtube app mostly for watching content and music. The keyboard really helps and I use the apps on the tv over those on my ps3!

    Overall Im very happy with the TV and will be holding on to it.

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