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Brother MFC9560cdw Color Laser All-in-One with Wireless Networking and Duplex

Brother MFC9560cdw Color Laser All-in-One with Wireless Networking and Duplex
Brother MFC9560cdw Color Laser All-in-One with Wireless Networking and Duplex

Product Added : March 13th, 2013
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Brother MFC9560cdw Color Laser All-in-One with Wireless Networking and Duplex

Brother MFC9560cdw Color Laser All-in-One with Wireless Networking and Duplex

The MFC-9560CDW is a powerful color laser all-in-one with wireless networking ideal for offices or small workgroups. It produces brilliant, high-quality output at impressive print and copy speeds of up to 25 pages per minute in color and black. Featuring automatic duplexing for two-sided print/copy/scan/fax, high-quality color scanning and a USB Direct Interface. It has a generous standard paper capacity of up to 300 sheets, expandable up to 800 sheets with an optional tray. Users with higher print volumes can use the high-yield replacement toner cartridges. It can help increase your productivity and efficiency with its fast printing and copying, wireless networking, outstanding color output, and automatic duplexing for two-sided print/copy/scan/fax.

  • Print and copy at up to 25ppm
  • Wireless, Ethernet and USB interfaces
  • Automatic duplex print/copy/scan/fax – Max. letter size for ADF duplex.
  • Up to 2400 x 600 dpi resolution
  • USB Direct Interface

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What customers say about Brother MFC9560cdw Color Laser All-in-One with Wireless Networking and Duplex?

  1. 124 of 124 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Awesome printer, Brother is a little bit ah’ sneaky though, October 3, 2011
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Brother MFC9560cdw Color Laser All-in-One with Wireless Networking and Duplex (Office Product)

    This is for a small/medium business. We came from the HP Color Laser Jet CP3505n which was the same price. The HP I think prints slightly faster & the quality is slightly better, but it only does printing (and single page at that). This brother on the other hand has a slew of awesome options that we needed & prints more than fine. We needed a scanner that could scan to network folders & ftp locations. This printer works awesome for that. It actually replaced a $150 scanner we had because it’s so easy w/ the brother. The duplexing features have come in handy plenty of times too. Fax machine is pretty standard, no issues there. For the 1st month or 2, this printer seemed like baby jesus in my eyes, it could do no wrong.. until ….
    One day I went to change out the black toner, and ran into a big problem. When I replaced the black toner, it was not recognizing that the toner had been changed & was now full. It would just obnoxiously blink “REPLACE TONER” & do nothing else. I actually bought 2 of these brothers & the other brother had the exact same issue. So I scour forums looking how to bypass the sensors or reset the toner manually. After trying every taping of the sensor trick I could find & looking for 2 days I found a way to manually reset the Toner low or Replace toner notifications (listed below).
    Once I figured this out, everything else was smooth sailing, I just wish Brother didn’t make resetting the toner life so annoyingly difficult. It’s all good now though. I’d recommend this printer w/ the code below.

    Brother MFC-9560 toner cartridge Low Toner or Replace Toner Override
    1. Turn on the printer

    2. Push the button on the front of the printer to open the cartridge door.
    Don’t remove the cartridges.

    3. Push the Clear/Back button to bring up a reset menu. There are 9 different
    toner functions (for simplicity, three K’s, three C’s, three M’s, and
    three Y’s).

    4. For each of these nine functions in turn, push the O.K. button and then push it
    again to indicate ‘Reset’. After a few seconds, it will say ‘Accepted’ and will
    then display a message that the cover is open.

    5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each of the 9 toner functions.

    6. When finished, close the door and the status bar will be reset to normal with
    no error message.

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  2. 120 of 122 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Initial Review, January 28, 2011
    kunkle (MN United States) –
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Brother MFC9560cdw Color Laser All-in-One with Wireless Networking and Duplex (Office Product)

    If had to describe this multifunction device in one word it would be “incredible”. Since this is a fairly complicated device I will not be able to cover all uses of it but hope to give people some useful information regarding it. This is somewhat brief review on usage since I just received it but want to inform people of my initial impression.

    This MFC device is going to be used by Mac OS X systems that are connected to the local network via ethernet and Wi-Fi. The MFC is connected to this network via Wi-Fi through an Apple Airport Express Base Station. I am hoping to replace both a Canon CanoScan 8600F scanner and Canon Pixma Inkjet printer.

    Size, Weight, & Packaging:
    The box it comes in is fairly large and heavy. The location of the “handles” built into the box is designed for two people to pick it up and I would highly suggest having two people carry it. I managed to carry into the house myself but it was extremely awkward and difficult to do. Opening the box the printer is fairly well protected with formed styrofoam pieces. The weight of the machine by itself is almost 60 lbs. You will need fairly large areas to place this device. The actual desk space it takes up is 16″W x 19″D. The manual however recommends an additional 4 inches of air space on the left and right side and approximately 10″ at the back. The height of this device with the scanner lid fully open is 36″. I currently only have 26″ of clearance so the lid does not open all the way. Once you get the device out of the box you now you get to spend the next 10-15 min removing all the packing tape and material! There is at least 20 pieces of blue plastic tape and plastic orange pieces protecting the device during shipment that must be removed before turning on the device.

    For Mac OS X the drivers are installed automatically as soon as you “add” the printer from any Print dialog. The operating system will download the drivers over the internet and also be kept up-to-date via the normal built-in Mac OS X software update mechanism. I assume drivers are on the included DVD as well in case you don’t have internet access.

    Initial Setup:
    I wanted to setup this device on a Wi-Fi network. It also supports USB and ethernet connections. One word of WARNING, the Wi-Fi on this printer only supports 802.11b/g. This means if you have your wireless access point set to only support 802.11n like I did you will never be able to get this device to access the Wi-Fi network. I had to switch my Airport Base Station back to supporting 802.11 b/g as opposed to just 802.11n. This results in a slower connection for all wireless devices since the base station switches to using the slowest wi-fi connection type that any of its clients are using. This would not be an issue for “dual-band” wireless access points such as the dual-band Airport Extreme base station.

    The easiest way to connect the MFC-9560CDW to your wireless network is with the “automatic wireless mode”. If your wireless access point supports this you simply tell the MFC to use this mode and it will automatically get the information it needs to connect to your wireless connection including password. To do this with an Apple Airport device you need to use the Airport Utility program and select Manual Setup from the Base Station menu. Once you select that you can then choose “Add Wireless Clients…” from the Base Station menu. This will then allow you to use the “automatic wireless mode” or AOSS that the MFC-9650CDW supports.

    Color photos printed from the MFC-9560CDW appear to me to rival that printed from the Canon iP4500 and is an order of magnitude faster.

    I have not attempted to use this yet.

    Copying works as expected. I’ve copied book pages without needing any interaction with a computer. Simply place the facing book page on the scanner/copying glass and press the Copy button. You have options on the LCD to adjust size, contrast, etc. The lid is hinged such that a 2″ book had no problem copying while still keeping the scanner lid flat. It should easily take thicker books but haven’t checked how thick it can handle while still keeping the lid flat.

    Scanning is supported wirelessly from Mac OS X using the ImageCapture application that comes with Mac OS X. Basic differences between the Canoscan I currently use is: the MFC-9560CDW can not scan legal size documents on the flatbed (the MFC-9970CDW can) and the CanoScan comes with plastic devices allowing you to easily scan photo negatives. I have used the scanning feature now a number of times and being able to scan wirelessly is quite remarkable. In ImageCapture the Brother MFC instantly shows up as a Shared device even when it is “asleep” (uses 9 watts when sleeping). Scanning at 100 dpi for black and white text documents is fast…

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  3. 63 of 67 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Could be a great machine, or below average, depending on your needs., November 14, 2011
    This review is from: Brother MFC9560cdw Color Laser All-in-One with Wireless Networking and Duplex (Office Product)

    I had this AIO for 11 months. Overall, it’s a decent machine but it does have drawbacks, some of which can be quite annoying. First, set up was simple and flawless. I have it set up wirelessly with both Mac’s and PC’s on my network and all machines connected to this printer without a hitch. Faxing works well and I loved the TAD feature which allows you to have an answering machine and this fax to operate on the same phone line. The machine sorts out the calls and allows faxes to come in or sends the call to the answering machine automatically for voice callers. It worked correctly every time. Also, you can send faxes while receiving them, and send several faxes to different locations one after another without having to wait for the previous transmission to complete. Nice. Very efficient.

    The scanner worked well and sent scans directly to the destination flawlessly whether it was to a computer screen, file folder, or via ftp. Scans were fairly quick. The major drawback here was that you cannot scan multiple sheets of two sided documents. Those had to be scanned individually. The ADF also does not scan legal size docs. Those have to be done one at a time on the glass. The decent thing though is that you do not have to start each scan as if it was the first sheet. You can scan, then add pages, continuing one after another.

    Copier worked similar to the scanner. The scanner did well on scanning pictures to a file or to the computer screen but printing the pictures is a different story. Printing pictures from a copy, a scan or from a file on the computer all resulted in the same…not very good. This was a major draw back for me, I’m an artist that paints and sells oil paintings and prints of my work. The prints are sent out to a professional service but things like my certificates of authenticity, postcards, and documentation are all done by me and contain thumbnail pictures of the painting. Printed docs that contains pics of my work were horrible on this machine whereas they looked great from a $50 inkjet. That’s more than disappointing.

    Printing. Printing text docs on this printer was great. Very fast from sleep to output. The printed docs always looked very, crisp, sharp and dark black. The text docs printed with color were very good, too, but you have to use the correct paper. General purpose/copier paper gave me just OK results. Crisp white laser paper produced awesome results. Colors were vibrant and the differences in shades was easily detected. I have ZERO complaints about this part of the printer. But that’s were the praise ends and the complaints start.

    1) Paper curling. UGH! This machine can curl some paper. Even good quality paper. There is a setting for anti-curl in the printing preferences. If you have to have that setting, then that’s a work-around from the manufacturer. Not good in my opinion. Also, using the anti-curl setting means you have to give up another special setting as the special settings window does not allow you to choose more than one special setting. What’s worse is if you use any type of card stock. Trying to uncurl that paper usually wound up with bad results. Not professional. Major drawback for business documents.

    2) Envelopes. Printing envelopes was never a good experience. The curling of the envelope was annoying enough but the wrinkling was unacceptable. Envelopes were sometimes wrinkled so bad that I just tossed them into the trash. I Googled a way to correct this and also called Brother. Their customer service dept is nice enough to talk to but they do not have a good way of solving the issue. Basically when you print an envelope, you have to open the back door of the printer and move the adjusting levers manually to accommodate the thicker/doubled paper of an envelope. That is NOT convenient. First of all, this machine is very heavy. For me, weight is not much of a problem. For my wife…impossible. I have this machine inside a niche of a credenza. I spent a lot of money building a pullout tray that would be able to handle a machine of this size and weight on the pullout. The problem was that even though the pullout was on full extension HD slides that take the machine completely out of the credenza, you still cannot access the rear door easily, and the levers inside the back of the machine were even tougher to get to. Then once printing envelopes is done you have to remember to put the levers back up and LOCK them in position before closing the door and sliding this monster back into place.

    One time I apparently did not lock one of the levers into position. A week or so later everything coming out of the machine was smudged and the toner was still powdery like it was not being fused to the paper. I called Brother. After three support escalations the tech on the other end instantly had the answer. He said “I’ll bet you printed an envelope and…

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