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C9650DN Color Led Printer (36/40PPM) 120V, (e/f/p/s)

C9650DN Color Led Printer (36/40PPM) 120V, (e/f/p/s)
C9650DN Color Led Printer (36/40PPM) 120V, (e/f/p/s)

Product Added : February 27th, 2013
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C9650DN Color Led Printer (36/40PPM) 120V, (e/f/p/s)

C9650DN Color Led Printer (36/40PPM) 120V, (e/f/p/s)

Digital color printers from OKI Printing Solutions provide high-quality, tabloid-extra (12″ x 18″) color output. With the C9650 Series Digital Color printers, you can improve the quality of your output and increase productivityâ?”even as you lower your expenses.

These color printers are the efficient and affordable answer, especially if tabloid-size newsletters and brochures, ad layouts, large illustrations, banners or specialty media are essential parts of your business.

Your total in-house printing solution. No more having to run down to the corporate or neighborhood copy center every time you need color documents. From postcard- to banner-size documents up to 12.9″ by 47.24″, you can simply print them in-house.

C9650 Series printers come with High Definition Color Printing technology and Color Matching software from OKI Printing Solutions, along with and Auto Color Balance to ensure that color output remains accurate and consistent from start to finish. And

  • Product Type: LED Printer
  • Recommended Use: Plain Paper Print
  • Print Color: Color
  • Maximum Mono Print Speed: 40 ppm
  • Maximum Color Print Speed: 36 ppm

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What customers say about C9650DN Color Led Printer (36/40PPM) 120V, (e/f/p/s)?

  1. 5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    First class large format printer, July 4, 2009
    Scott A. Moore (San Jose) –

    This review is from: C9650DN Color Led Printer (36/40PPM) 120V, (e/f/p/s) (Electronics)

    I moved up to this printer from an (excellent) Magicolor 3100 printer.
    My basic requirements were large format printing (11×17), cover paper
    handling, color, speed and duplexing. The printer arrived palleted.
    First, the printer is very heavy, and two of us had difficulty setting
    it up. I would almost recommend a lift table to handle it. I plan to
    get the high capacity feeder both for the extra trays, and also for a
    way to get it around, since it is really to heavy to lift without a
    dolly or other aid. The HCF has wheels on it, and basically converts
    the printer to a roll around waist height machine.

    The C9650 is a LED printer, meaning that it uses a bar of LEDs to do
    the same job as a rotating laser. This both gives it both less rotating
    parts as well as simpler mechanics. The bar has 66000 leds (600×11″),
    and there are four of them, one for each color. There is a version of
    this printer with 1200×1200 resolution, which means a LED bar with
    twice the number of LEDs, but the price increment is more than the cost
    of this printer at almost $4000 (yikes!). The odd sounding 1200×600
    resolution of the c9650 printer comes from the fact that although the
    LED spacing is fixed, the modulation of the LEDs across the width of
    the paper can be increased to 1200 dots per inch easily.

    Oki is one of the few makers of pure LED driven printers. I have no idea
    why LED based printers have not taken over the market due to the
    advantages of this type of print head. Possibly it is just far cheaper
    to make scanning heads than LED bars.

    The first comparision was to my older 3100 printer, which claims
    1200×1200 print resolution against the C96450′s 1200×600. There was no
    contest, the C9650 was far clearer and sharper than the 3100 on photos
    I fed both. In addition, the C9650 produced far less paper curl than
    the 3100, a fact I attribute to the simpler paper path of the C9650.
    In fact, the C9650 produced copy that was virtually flat. I was
    impressed. Low curl is important in my one-off binding application.

    The other reason I chose this printer was because it can print cover
    stock without complaint (gsm 300 or better). This is due to the ability
    of the printer to both input and output such thick material directly
    from the sides of the printer with (as the brochure says) almost a
    perfectly straight printer path. This also be attributed to the
    printers simplified LED print path, but to be fair there are other
    non-LED printers that can do this. I use the ability to print covers
    to feed a one-off perfect binding operation with a BQ-140 binder and a
    Triumph paper cutter. The C9650 will (according to the brochure) also
    accept longer than 17″ material, which will be essential for 8.5×11″
    binds, because of the 1-2″ of spine needed at the back of the book.

    All in all, so far this is shaping up to be an outstanding printer. The
    few negatives I had were the fact that the printer was shipped with the
    wrong toner cartridges in the box (they fixed it quicky and said it
    has happened before, but it says something about quality control at
    Oki), and a salesman at Oki who told me that this printer is considered
    a low volume item at Oki, to be discontinued.

    The 11×17 market needs this kind of printer. I notice that other
    companies, including Xerox, are reselling this printer. One maker is
    even marketing it as a “super thick” stock printer (they may modify it
    for this purpose). The bottom line is that this is a workhorse printer
    able to do jobs that other printers cannot. The large format market is
    new, neglected in my opinion, and the large format market with thick
    stock ability is only a handfull of machines.

    Scott Moore,
    San Jose, CA

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  2. 5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Printer Great Okidata Tech Support, July 22, 2012
    Wayne C. Vogt (Pueblo West, CO) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: C9650DN Color Led Printer (36/40PPM) 120V, (e/f/p/s) (Electronics)

    This is my third Okidata color LED printer. The first was a used C7300 and Okidata’s tech support was so good for that one that when I needed an additional printer I bought a new C7550. That one had color issues when I got it. I called Okidata tech support. They had me overnight color print samples to them at their expense. They called when they received the color samples and we tried several things without success. Before that day ended they overnighted a new printer under warranty even though they weigh a ton. That printer worked perfectly. More than 100,000 impressions later it still works like new. I have only replaced consumables on it. My first used printer finally gave out in May, 2012 after 400,000+ impressions. All I ever replaced on it was consumables and I never once had a service call. So I upgraded and purchased a new C9650 with a duplexer. The print quality is superb, even better than the C7550 which was pretty good. Last week I used the duplexer for the first time and copies jammed in it. After several occurances I called their tech support about 3:00 AM. They had me email photos and the next day concluded there was a problem with the duplexer. They overnighted a new duplexer under warranty and I have run 4 books @ 160 sides without a jam so it appears to be fine.
    Okidata’s tech support is in the USA and you can understand the people you talk to. They have people on duty 24/7. I have called several times around 3:00 AM and gotten someone immediately. Their tech support people are well trained and always courteous. This should be a model for tech support for all companies.
    I really like the printer. Much of what I print is on card stock. I have printed over 5000 impressions with it on card stock. The path goes nearly straight through when you use the multipurpose tray and open the outfeed side tray. The speed is fast because it prints 8-1/2 by 11 stock sideways. I am a realtor so I want top quality photos for what we print. Am I happy with Okidata? You bet!
    Wayne V
    Later Update. I had a problem with this printer. It began to make a grinding noise. It was still under warranty. Okidata promptly sent a technician out to repair it. When he failed they overnighted a new printer and had a carrier pick up the first one. Their service is incredible. The new one works great.

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  3. 5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Printer, November 4, 2011
    Glenn Rebechini (ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, US) –
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: C9650DN Color Led Printer (36/40PPM) 120V, (e/f/p/s) (Electronics)

    We use this in a small office with about 12 people networked into it. I smokes my old HP color laser in warm up , print time, print quality and ease of use. For the cost it is just wonderful. We use it a lot for 11×17 printing and have noticed excellent reduction in toner use with this unit as well. You will need some kind of base however. I also ordered the additional paper trays and they work great also. I would highly recommend this unit and re-seller.

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