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Canon PIXMA MG5320 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-in-One Printer (5291B019)

Canon PIXMA MG5320 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-in-One Printer (5291B019)
Canon PIXMA MG5320 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-in-One Printer (5291B019)

Product Added : February 14th, 2013
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Canon PIXMA MG5320 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-in-One Printer (5291B019)

Canon PIXMA MG5320 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-in-One Printer (5291B019)

The PIXMA MG5320 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-In-One delivers superior quality, versatility, and ease of use. Built-in Wi-Fi technology allows you to easily print and scan wirelessly virtually anywhere around your house. Print gorgeous, borderless photos at home up to 8.5-inch x 11-inch size with a maximum print color resolution of 9600 x 2400 dpi and five individual ink tanks. Have all new sorts of fun with your images by adding new effects like Fish Eye, Miniature, Toy Camera, Soft Focus and Blur Background before you print. Enjoy a new sphere of printing options as PIXMA Cloud Link lets you conveniently print pictures from online photo albums CANON iMAGE GATEWAY and Picasa as well as templates including seasonal stationary and calendars from a compatible Canon PIXMA Wireless All-in-One, all without a computer. With AirPrint, wirelessly print photos, emails, web pages and other documents without the need to install device drivers, saving time and making for a seamless user experience. B

  • Turns your favorite HD movie clips captured with your compatible Canon EOS Digital SLR or PowerShot cameras into beautiful prints
  • Maximum 9600×2400 color dpi print resolution with microscopic ink droplets as small as 1 picoliter
  • Print photos from your compatible iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android Devices with the free Easy-PhotoPrint printing app
  • Build-in CD and DVD Printing
  • Built-in 2-sided printing helps the environment and can cut paper usage by up to 50 percent

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What customers say about Canon PIXMA MG5320 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-in-One Printer (5291B019)?

  1. 353 of 357 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Hints and Tips /Sets up without USB Cable/Cheap to Run on GreyScale, January 17, 2012
    This review is from: Canon PIXMA MG5320 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-in-One Printer (5291B019) (Office Product)

    Update 10 months- Printer is running like a champ.

    Update after 2 month ownership this printer is very inexpensive to run. The problem with drawing from the color cartridges went away. So this printer is dirt cheap to use for Black Printing in an office environment. I’ve never had a jam either. The draw mechanism is rock solid. I printed 300 color documents in a row and was pleased that I could leave it alone come back and it printed until the paper was done.

    I’m using it for the office and I’ve set it to Greyscale, Fast (Draft) setting and done the minimum of color Printing.
    I bought my off-brand replacement cartridge at Amazon for around $1.50.

    In 1 month (20 working days) of printing 20-40 pages a day.

    I used 1 CLI-225 Black Cartridge.

    Now a strange thing happened, it’s only supposed to pull from the black CLI-225 but for the first two weeks it used color too.
    Than the color halted at almost empty and hasn’t budged for more than 2 weeks.
    The black finally ran out.

    Based on what I paid for the off market black cartridge and even if the colors need to be replaced soon, I’m printing at under
    1 penny a page.

    I’m a happy camper.
    I’ve had HP Inkjet Printers, they reset and clean the printheads after every printing.Ink Hogs
    I’ve had Brother Printers they were garbage and didn’t last.
    Epson- Garbage doesn’t last

    This is my second Canon Inkjet Printer. 1 for the home and 1 for the office.
    I bought this one for the office, I probably print 20 or 50 pages a day, light duty.
    I like that I can purchase reasonably priced 3rd party Inks. Quality is not that important for me even though 4inkjets LD Brand is
    very good.
    I also have found Canon to be reliable.

    To those boohooing about ink prices.

    Here are some hints
    1. Set the printer to draft mode/ or Fast mode. Uses less Ink
    2. If you are really concerned about economy than set the Printer to Gray Scale Only
    according to the Canon Technician it will only use the Fat Black cartridge. You can always change it back for specific print jobs.
    3. Buy 3rd party Inkjets on Amazon for all around printing. You’ll pay around 1/3the price of Canon Original

    1 negative the cassette in the front holds around 70 papers only not a biggie for me as I’m light duty.

    Setting up:
    Yes it will set up without a USB Cable. Turns out that what I thought was just 4 arrows is actually a wheel. So you spin the wheel until you get to settings
    than choose wireless and you are off and running. Unfortunately I had to call a Canon Technician to get started.

    Incredible service-Took less than a minute to get to an AMERICAN Technician who was friendly and guided me through everything, even though I probably didn’t need it.
    It was just so convenient. Canon Service rocks!!!

    Works great with my Windows 7 64 Bit and 32 Bit systems.

    Some other hints
    In the printer menu on the printer you can set it to Quiet Mode.
    In addition in another menu you can set it to turn off after a certain period of inactivity.
    The default was 240 minutes and I saw no need to change that.

    I almost didn’t buy this printer because of the complaints
    about the time to print the first copy when the printer was off. Well if you keep the printer on all day like I do that isn’t an issue.

    In summation, I felt the negative reviews for this printer were misleading and am glad I bought this printer.

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  2. 292 of 296 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Amazing printer – works great with Mac OSX Lion & airprint, November 5, 2011
    Robert Klaproth (San Diego, CA United States) –

    This review is from: Canon PIXMA MG5320 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-in-One Printer (5291B019) (Office Product)

    This is an awesome printer that has everything I’m looking for in a printer at a great price point when you can get it on sale (which it is currently). This printer works perfectly right out of the box, I was able to quickly join it to my wireless-n network (only works with 2.4ghz by the way) and my Lion-enabled Macbook Pro quickly discovered the printer and downloaded and installed the driver. The only thing you will need a USB cable for is firmware updates. Out of the box, the printer does have an older firmware, and if you want to be able to Airprint from your iPhone or iPad you need to update the firmware. Once you do the firmware, which is a quick and easy process, you can easily print from your iPhone or iPad, as long as they are on the same wireless network as the printer, they will auto discover it and you can print right to the printer! Look Ma! No Wires!! One thing to note about this printer, when you hook up the USB cable and do the firmware upgrade, for some reason after you unplug the cable, the Mac doesn’t go back to using it wirelessly, I had to go into printers, remove it, and then add it back in. No biggie, it quickly found it on the network and re-added it – no driver installing or downloading required.

    I am a DJ so I needed the CD Printing so I can make professional demos for prospective clients, and it works perfectly. It comes with software that lets you print CD’s. The software is pretty basic and doesn’t have a lot of templates, but it gets the job done, and I was able to quickly print out onto a printable CD-R. A few things to note here. One reviewer complained about lining up the tray. The slot for the tray fits the tray perfect, so you don’t have to worry about that. There’s a little line in the slot, and a line on the tray. You do need to make sure they line up perfectly or it will print the label a little high or a little low depending on how you line it up. I think with practice you’ll probably be a pro after a couple of tries, but I don’t think the reviewer is very fair in saying that it’s a huge drawback to the cd printing, I was able to print a label that was only about 1/4″ too high on my first try.

    Photo printing is flawless. The printer came with two 5 packs of 4×5 photo paper. I was able to easily print a photo from iPhoto that looked pretty good. I’m not a professional photographer so I can’t give you an accurate review of the actual picture quality, but it was impressive enough that I feel I could use it to make gifts for family and friends during the holidays.

    One drawback I’ve found is if you don’t use the printer often, it does take a long time to print the first page. I think this is common for most ink jet printers, it has to go through some priming/cleaning/etc of the print head before it prints the first page out after a long period of inactivity. I’m only speaking to photos, I think black and white text print outs are a little faster on first print then pictures are.

    Another pro about this printer is that when you’re not using it, it’s completely sealed. The front of the printer closes, which keeps all the dust bunnies out! And the coolest thing of all is that the lid automatically opens whenever you print something. The printer is also “eco friendly” which means that it has auto power off functionality. I have it set to 15 minutes and it shuts off when I’m not using it. I do have to manually power it back on when I print, but I like the idea of saving electricity so it’s no biggie.

    Other cool stuff I’ve found, you can print a copy of cd labels right from the printer without using a computer. You just take the CD you want to copy (i.e. a movie or an audio cd) and put it on the scanner and it will scan the CD cover and print it right on the printable CD-R without having to use the computer!

    Like most reviewers have said, the paper tray is pretty small so it doesn’t hold a lot of paper, but that helps to keep the printer compact. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, it fits perfectly on top of my Container Store Elfa file drawer. I like though how the paper tray is a REAL tray that slides out so you can fill it back up with papers. A lot of the other brands just have a place to “slide” the paper in, and not an actual tray.

    This printer is great, you’ll be happy you made the switch from all those other brands. I had an HP Photosmart before this, and it died after less then 2 years of using it (wouldn’t even power on even though the power supply was good). HP wouldn’t even give me the time of day, they tried to sell me a cheap replacement printer as part of their “trade up” program, that cost more then this Canon one and had half the features.

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  3. 296 of 308 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    nice printer for casual use, September 21, 2011
    Angela Evans (Toledo, Ohio) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Canon PIXMA MG5320 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-in-One Printer (5291B019) (Office Product)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Program (What’s this?)

    Out of the box, this is a sharp looking unit with its high-gloss black finish and flush folding LCD screen and paper tray. It looks great in the home office and is designed to complete basic printing and scanning tasks. After using the printer for about a month, it seems like it can complete the tasks that would be expected by most home users with the added bonus of being wireless right out of the box.

    This is what we like about the printer:

    1.Easy set-up: The set-up is straightforward and easy with the included CD. The printer connected to our secured wireless network with no problems and the software was installed quickly on two laptops, again, with no difficulties. The Easy-Photo-Print Android app also was installed with no problem on an HTC EVO 3D and was free to download from the market. It took about thirty minutes to get the product out of the box and set up on a computer.

    2. Print quality is good: We printed a couple of photos using the printer and the color is good for the most part. We found lighter colors (tan, cream, beige, light pink) to be somewhat off. Don’t use this copier to make up for professional printers if you need photos printed as gifts that incorporate these light colors. Printing black and white documents in draft mode does not really sacrifice quality. We were impressed that documents printed in draft mode were relatively crisp in appearance. I feel completely comfortable printing professional documents (resumes, reports) with the draft mode.

    3. Great looking: As noted, this is a sleek black printer that fits into the design of the home office.

    4. Scanning feature is so convenient: A person can eliminate a lot of paper in the office by utilizing the printer’s scanner. I regularly scan resumes, recipes, and receipts and then .pdf these documents for easy sharing with others and my own reference.

    Some gripes:

    1.Will need cleaned frequently: The gloss and color of this piece of equipment means that finger prints and dust are easily seen.

    2.Paper tray is a bit small: The paper tray should have been a little larger in its capacity. Admittedly, the capacity (which is a little less than 100 pages) is probably not atypical for a printer within this price range and for this printer’s intended use and should be more than adequate for casual use and the home office.

    3.Cartridges: One of the largest gripes people have about printers typically relate to the cartridges. A total of four small color cartridges, and one large black, feed the printer. Canon sells the four smaller cartridges in packs and, at time of this writing, can be found for forty-five to fifty dollars. To buy, go here: Canon PGI-225 BK/ CLI-226 C,M,Y 4 Pack Value Pack (4530B008) in Retail Packaging. The smaller cartridges purchased alone are about thirteen dollars, which can be purchased here: Canon CLI-226 Magenta Ink Tank (4548B001), Canon CLI-226 Cyan Ink Tank (4547B001), and Canon CLI-226 Yellow Ink Tank (4549B001).

    4.Printing speed: While print quality is good, the speed is not great. A photo takes 20-25 seconds. A black and white page in draft quality can take eight seconds. Initial pages in a set can take longer to print after the printer is first turned on. Again, this is probably not atypical for a printer within this price range.

    Overall, this printer gives you exactly what it promises. The product’s specific features are well laid out in the product description listed on Amazon. Succinctly, however, this is an easy to use and easy to install, wireless home printer/copier/scanner. This printer accomplishes basic tasks that would be required of it in a non-professional home office/casual use environment. This printer seems to be a safe buy that should offer reliable and hassle-free home service.

    This product is made in Thailand.

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