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HP Designjet Z3200ps 44-inch Photo Printer

HP Designjet Z3200ps 44-inch Photo Printer
HP Designjet Z3200ps 44-inch Photo Printer

Product Added : April 14th, 2013
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HP Designjet Z3200ps 44-inch Photo Printer

HP Designjet Z3200ps 44-inch Photo Printer

Ideal for professional photographers this 12-ink Designjet delivers long-lasting gallery-quality prints in black and white and color. HP DreamColor Technologies and an embedded spectrophotometer enable easy calibration and profiling. HP Gloss Enhancer delivers superior gloss and minimizes bronzing on most glossy photo papers. Expanded color gamut with chromatic red ink achieves 95% PANTONE coverage. HP Quad-black ink set delivers rich dark blacks on glossy and matte papers without swapping ink cartridges. Proactive automatic servicing routines deliver always-on quality. Includes embedded Adobe PS/PDF RIP and HP Advanced Profiling Solution. Maximum Print Speed (Black): N/A Network Ready: Yes Printer Type: Wide Format Inkjet Print Resolution (Color) (Width x Height): 2400 x 1200 dpi.Unit of Measure : Each

  • PIGMENT 44IN 2400X1200DPI 256MB USB

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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Ink. Ink. Ink. Ink. A litter of ink cartridges nestled in this printer, July 18, 2010
    HMMWV “God, Country, Corps” (santa clara, CA USA) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: HP Designjet Z3200ps 44-inch Photo Printer (Personal Computers)

    When I picked the Z3200ps 44″ printer is was for these reasons:

    1 – I wanted a pigment printer in the lab for long archive prints
    2 – I needed a wide color gamut and the Z3200 ps really knocks it out of the park
    3 – I like b&w photos but hate it when they turn green or yellow with age
    4 – havng used 24″ rolls, some charts outgrew them to 36″ and finally 44″ rolls
    5 – media handling. Careful when you walk by this printer. It will pull your shirt off and print on it.

    I’ve had some time to get to know the Z3200ps. It has a buit in rip and 80g disk to store your image once ripped so subsequent prints on various media are a no brainer. I bought an assortment of media from photo paper to banner paper and finally canvas which really made an impression.

    The 2100 and 3200 printers use 130ml inks (but HP ships it with 69ml mini-inks like the mini-bar in a hotel). They get it calibrated and alligned but 50% of the ink is gone aftertwards. Fortunately a 20×24 canvas (heavy ink) print only used 3ml from the 1500 ml on board in 12 cartridges.

    Yes thats right. 12 ink colors. Well really 11 because the gloss enhancer is clear! And it DOESN’T HAVE CYAN – JUST LIGHT CYAN. It does have magenta and light magenta. Let’s cover the 12 inks


    c 50% dark cyan
    M full dark magenta
    m- 50% dark magenta
    Y full dark Yellow
    PK “photo black” – mixes with cmy above to avoid using cmy when dark colors are in photos. doesn’t fade away from black
    MK Matte black – for text mainly – shows up as matte on glossy media


    Gr Green 100%
    Bl BLUE (not to be confused with cyan dark – it’s not really blue either, more purple than blue)
    Rd Chromatic Red (think fire engine / fast sports cars here)


    LG Light Grey
    G Grey (combined with photo black gives you 3 color b&w prints with no color in them – no “off black”

    E Gloss [E]nhancer – prevents bronzing

    Now add them c, M, m, y, PK, MK, Rd, Gn, Bl, Grey, light Grey, Gloss enhancer. Yep even dozen.
    You’ll be happy to know the gloss enhancer, while sprayed everywhere, is only $55 instead of $78, but a full refill is $911 of all 12 carts. buying ink here on amazon will save you money over hp’s price

    As for printheads, yes, nozzles clog, yes, there is a cleaning step, and best of all, it knows what nozzles are clogged so with 2000+ It can average them out of the picture and prevent banding until it gets really bad. Each printhead has 2 colors assigned to it, and they are about $55. Now you can also clean just one printhead instead of all 6 of them which saves ink. Left plugged in, the printer automatically runs a periodic nozzle cleaning with minimal waste to keep them clean.

    Color calibration is done with an i1 spectrophotometer for the material you are using. Tell your software to let the printer manage color and send adobe rgb 1998 to it. Then tell the printer it’s getting adobe 1998 and it must mix and match. It will take a little from each color to make [carl sagan on] billions of colors.

    The color gamut of this printer is only missing the metalics (a 13th cartridge would be too much), so you get accurate reproduction. It also comes with a monitor calibration system so what you see is what you get across many media.

    The biggest surprise so far was the $1.28/sq ft matt universal canvas. Go for heavy inking and you’d swear an artist slaved all day to render your 12 megapixel dslr raw digtital negative into a painting. I have a roll of 24″ canvas loaded now and am going to try some art reproduction with it and a scanner. You also have options to roll on clear sealer (acrylic) or use a brush and acrylic paints to turn the canvas into a real work of art.

    If 44″ and 12 inks isn’t enough HP does make a 60″ carriage, but sacrificed the 12 inks down to 8.


    Here they are

    8″ of each roll is needed for each new load to do a color calibration (and 20 minutes give or take)
    high quality mode is slow as molassas to print
    internal cutter can’t cut canvas.
    Carriage may be 44″ but you have 6 bottles of ink on *each* side of that so the printer is wide.
    postscript rip is kinda on the slow side but the good news is it keeps the finished jobs in the printers hard disk until you delete them, so you can improve your media choices without another rip and just print.
    only has roll or sheetfeed – one sheet at a time. DJ130nr had a paper try, rear feed, front feed, and roll feed that could automatically take out the roll and feed from the paper tray, then revert to roll without a human.
    power cords are shorter than the printer is long so be prepared.
    squirt and wipe after 3 – 4 passes slows printing while carriage is in service station
    Hard to find HP 70 130 ml…

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