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Toshiba Excite AT275T32 7.7-Inch Tablet (Black)

Toshiba Excite AT275T32 7.7-Inch Tablet (Black)
Toshiba Excite AT275T32 7.7-Inch Tablet (Black)

Product Added : January 12th, 2013
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Toshiba Excite AT275T32 7.7-Inch Tablet (Black)

Toshiba Excite AT275T32 7.7-Inch Tablet (Black)

rethink your realm of possibility with the ever-expanding family of excite™ tablets. whether getting more from your on-the-go lifestyle, or discovering new, exciting ways to manage and enjoy life at home, these tablets simply deliver more than the average android™ powered tablet-performance, sleek, stylish durability, plus essential ports and smart features. thin, stylish designs excite™ tablets really thin the competition when it comes to engineering and sophisticated styling. they’re all exceptionally thin, light and easy to carry. plus, they’re draped in durable shells with elegant aluminum or magnesium alloy casing. general information – manufacturer – toshiba manufacturer part number – pda09u-001004 manufacturer website address – toshiba brand name – toshiba product line – excite product series – at275 product model – at275-t32 product name – excite at275-t32 tablet computer product type – tablet computer; miscellaneous – package contents – excite at275-t32 tablet computer a

  • NVIDIA tegra_3_0 Processor 1GHz (1MB Cache)
  • 16GB 5400rpm Hard Drive
  • 7.7-Inch Screen
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

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What customers say about Toshiba Excite AT275T32 7.7-Inch Tablet (Black)?

  1. 27 of 29 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Wouldn’t trade this tablet for anyting on the market, August 11, 2012
    Ryan Heath

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Toshiba Excite AT275T32 7.7-Inch Tablet (Black) (Personal Computers)

    *Update 1/8/2013*
    Jellybean is here, as you may have noticed from some of the other reviews. A couple things are worth mentioning here:
    1) upgrading gave me problems. Things were glitch and slow until I did a factory reset. Obviously you don’t care about this if you haven’t bought the tablet yet, but if you did, just be aware that you might need to start over to get the kind of experience you would expect from jellybean. With that said, Jellybean is great and runs very well. Better performance than my Galaxy Nexus, but still not even close to the Nexus 7, sadly.

    2) The jellybean update forces “phablet” mode. What this means is that your excite is now meant to be used as a giant phone, which means you lose the quick settings on the bottom right, dual panel mode for menus and other things (for example, instead of clicking on display settings and then changing them immediately), and navigation buttons on the right. The navigation buttons are now in the middle of the bar no matter what, so if you use landscape mode there is no way to press back or recents unless you a) have really long thumbs, or b) you let go of the tablet with one hand and use that hand to navigate. On the plus side, you get the notification window, and now your tablet looks like a nexus 7! I’m considering lowering my rating because I dislike the setup of the new update so much, but I don’t think it will bother most people. Honestly I hate it though.

    Performance IS better. Overall it is worth the upgrade–everything is very smooth, and a little faster. Not remarkably faster, but it IS an upgrade all around in terms of performance. Battery life, while still far far far less than advertised, seems to be noticeably better, but I always have a hard time telling without several days/weeks of heavy use, which I haven’t put in yet.

    Overall I still love the tablet, I’ve had it for longer than any of my other tablets now (which is kind of sad and shameful), and I plan on keeping it indefinitely. I never get tired of the screen. Ever.

    I was lucky enough to get all the official accessories I wanted before Toshiba totally stopped making them, but if you were hoping to pick up this tablet plus a dock, you can forget it. I’ve looked around constantly for the benefit of others who might want HDMI out and the USB ports, but I can’t even find it on ebay. For making such a good product, Toshiba has really dropped the ball in every other way possible with this product. I still stand by the fact that this tablet is definitely worth the purchase, just know that what you get is all you get.

    Lastly, if anyone was having trouble with camera shots using flash incorrectly, i.e. leaving a big black bar at the bottom of a picture taken of a document or something like that, that problem has been fixed with this update. Pictures seem slightly better overall, but are still bad. I just think they improved the use of the flash.

    Feel free to ask questions in the comments!

    *End update*

    Let me begin this review by saying that I have owned the Xoom, 1st gen Iconia, Transformer Prime, and Nexus 7. I will be making most comparisons to the latter 2 since they are both Tegra 3 devices. I had both the N7 and Excite at the same time, so I was able to compare them quite thoroughly. Let me also say that I originally ordered the 16gb unit and returned it for the 32gb unit, so I have 2 tablets to go by for this review.

    Screen: By far the best I have seen or used on any device. No light bleed, no dead pixels on either unit. This is NOT a pentile matrix screen (like the galaxy nexus) and you can’t see the pixel grid like you can on pretty much all the galaxy S phones. I honestly can’t describe how good this screen is, you just need to go look at a demo unit if you can. The screen on the nexus 7 looks like someone took an excite screen and rubbed vomit all over it–there is literally no comparison in terms of color contrast. The extra .7″ also makes reading text noticeaby easier in portrait compared to the nexus 7. 10/10

    Camera: As bad as other reviews say, or worse. This is the most disappointing part of the tablet for me, although if you need it to scan documents, it does a fine job with that. The front facing camera is actually above average for a 2mp camera in my opinion. Back camera 4/10, front 8.5/10

    Performance: Fantastic. Unlike the TF Prime, there are almost no browsing ANRs with this device (as in 1 per day or less after several hours of usage). Games play without studdering and everything works smoothly as it should. No, it doesn’t feel like jelly bean–the N7 is by far the best performing device on the market right now, but as long as you aren’t expecting that kind of ridiculous smoothness, you will be very very pleased with the performance of this tab. Again, unlike the prime, there is no trouble with movies. You…

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  2. 6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Tablet, August 29, 2012
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    Pros: Great Speed, Great Display, USB host, Light Weight but good build quality, Gorilla Screen
    Cons: No support for internet dongle in the USB host, Feeble Speakers

    I am writing this review after about 1 month of usage. This is a very nice tablet though a bit on the pricier side.

    Display: The display is absolutely stunning for reading, videos and viewing pictures. I felt that my pictures look prettier here than they look on my LCD monitor. I couldnt notice any graininess that i read in one of the reviews before purchasing. The display was the main criteria for my purchase and it didnt let me down.

    Horsepower: The tablet is very fast and feels potent. I did not play any games, which i believe would be heavy users, but i did do photo editing on this. One of the things that i really enjoyed was connecting my camera to this tablet using the Samsung OTG cable. All the pictures were available in “Import” mode. I imported the pictures that i liked and was able to edit/post process them to good effect and upload them to my gallery with good effect. The JPGs were about 10 MB each in size and the tablet was able to handle them easily. I have not done it but believe that i can carry this along on my next trip instead of the laptop for browsing/light post processing of photographs. But overall, the tablet has been very snappy and fast, better than most of the other android tablets that i have checked out in local stores.

    Audio: Built in speakers as already mentioned are not even worth mentioning off. Initially i mentioned in the review that they were completely unusable without headphones but after playing with some of the settings in Audio enhancement they have become usable to some extent but are still weak.

    USB host: The biggest concern that i had with this tablet and the reason for me not giving a five star is that my internet dongle did not work with this tablet. The full USB host is a great feature of the tablet and i bought this tablet with the understanding that this tablet will function like most others having this feature. However, Toshiba did not include drivers for the internet dongles and does not have a menu of Mobile networks itself. This is grossly limiting to me. I wanted to use this as a portable device with my internet dongle, because they are a convenient way of connectivity in my country. Moreover, no rooting or unlocking of boot loader is available at this point. Even cheaper chinese tablets having USB host support dongles, but was a surprise and let down for me that this didnt. Would request Toshiba to include this in an update or something. Why would they like to limit the hardware of this tablet by not providing software for this. But otherwise the USB host worked great with my thumb drives and camera and was good to use.

    Camera: The camera is at a bit odd angle but workable. Skype did work on the tablet but i suppose there is some incompatibility of Skype with Android 4 discussed over the internet. I was receiving the video perfectly and the camera also works fine for images but on skype, the receiver receives grainy images from android devices. I dont think that is something specific to this tablet(my Galaxy Note was behaving the same too) and suppose this should be corrected in future versions of Skype.
    Update: I updated Skype on my Galaxy Note as well as Toshiba tablet and both of them work great with Skype now.

    Build Quality: Build quality and the light weight are very good and something i liked. But what was missing was not having a micro USB charger port. The proprietary cable to me is just a burden that i specifically need to carry everywhere just for the tablet. Micro USB charging would have made more sense because me and my wife carry that anyways for cell phones.

    Expansion Slot: This is one of the positive points of the Tablet and one of the reasons for me choosing it over the nexus 7. I put in a 32 GB micro SD card in the tablet and now have a lot of memory along with the 16GB that came with the tablet. Another positive of having micro SD card slot is that i am able to transfer data easily to the tablet. All i have to do is put my SD card in the laptop, transfer data and then put the card back into tablet which is very simple for my wife too.

    Battery: Battery life is very good. Though ideally it would be a function of load and usage. But on our usage we have been charging once in two and some times three days. Most of the usage is around browsing and reading and some youtube. Also the screen is operating in the auto brightness mode. A calculated guess is that with this usage it should be able to easily meet the 10-12 hours with home wifi as claimed by some other reviews. I was a bit skeptic about battery life while purchasing because i couldnt find the ‘mah’ kind of information for this tablet anywhere(which would have made easier for me to compare). But am definitely…

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  3. 7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    the tablet suddenly died after 3 months, September 29, 2012
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    I really enjoyed the tablet while it was working. A few days ago it suddenly didn’t power on anymore. I contacted Toshiba to send item in for repair and I discovered that they do not provide free shipping under factory warranty, you have to pay for the $25 prepaid box yourself. Quite disappointing to spend $500 on a device and then spend another $25 to send it in for repair under factory warranty! That is when all the other manufacturers I had to deal with send you the prepaid box for free.
    Amazon was kind to compensate me for that, however beware of Toshiba.
    So 5* to Amazon, one star to Toshiba.

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